Taking Green Steps – The IKF Way

Windergy 2017 has been a successful campaign and we at IKF are pleased to be associated with it. We firmly believe that digital marketing is one of the best ways to promote campaigns as it has a global reach and enables to tap business leads.

As part of our work assignment with IWTMA, we have looked into minute details and made a structured plan for promotions to make this event a grand success. One of the reasons we enjoyed working with Windergy 2017 was its long-term result oriented approach to enable organizations dealing in Alternative energy to create for a self-sustained healthy environment.

In the first month, we made various creative posters for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin; and heavily promoted the event throughout. We created consciousness and illustrated what the event is about and focused on why wind energy is the most required element in India, at the moment. At such a crucial point in the country, where we are striving to achieve 175 Giga Watts (GW) of renewable energy, we understand the importance of this energy and hence gave it Digital wings for maximum outreach.

During the second month, we ran an ‘Open-to-all’ contest on social media called ‘I love wind because’. This contest went viral and read out stories written by participants why they love the wind. There were more than 70 entries which spoke about moments that made people love the wind. Through this, we spread awareness about Wind Energy and reached out to audience of all age groups, college going children and people from various professions.

The third month was divided into digital and active participation. We first promoted details about the event and its agenda. We also covered panel sessions and spread the word through social media. As part of our campaign, two of our delegates were dedicated to cover the event Live from Day 1 with and numerous activities like Tweets, live Facebook updates, Blogs and Posts. This made the event a big hit while highlighting people like Hon. Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu (Minister of Railways) and Mr. Steve Sawyer (Secretary General of Global Wind Energy Council). This campaign received more than 500 retweets, including one from Mr. Suresh Prabhu himself.

When we look at the campaign, we realize that this is not just a business generation drive but a well thought strategic CSR activity. With an element of nature that is free of cost, there are no restrictions in its use or development. Wind is for everyone. For children to play with their colourful paper windmills, to soar kites sky-high, to catch that one moment in the wind that makes your heart fly and above all, generating power through this initiative. This campaign was put together to bring in business that will lead to the development of the wind energy sector. If this sector develops, we will be self-sufficient in terms of power generation. We will have a better lifestyle and environment to live in. A pollution-free country for our children and further generations to come is what we’ve always wished for.

With a hope of an increase and use of renewable energy, we partnered with Windergy 2017. So let your business flow digitally by going the green way. To know your digital strategies, connect with us at sales@ikf.co.in or call on- +91-888 886 6110

Sanjarvi Sompura

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