10 SEO Myths Demystified

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Everyone at IKF feels special about Search Engine Optimization aka SEO. ‘You guys make a living from it’, you’d be quick to say. But our fascination about SEO is pure and well-intentioned. We have someone amongst us who stares at analytics interface as if reading a billet-doux, well, of course, that’s when the numbers look good. But I’m kind of digressing. The point I’m trying to make here is SEO is good, it’s a necessity, and if used prudently it will set the stage for the ‘happily ever after’ of your business. But there’s a gaggle of misinformed mortals who caress some serious fallacies about SEO and being the SEO zealots we are, I take it as my responsibility to undeceive them.


Myth #1: If I tick all the boxes right, I’ll be reigning king of SERPs

Sorry fellas to stamp on your perfect snowflake but I had to. Well, this isn’t to say that doing all the right things won’t earn you any brownie points. But don’t expect to get a ten-tiered cake at first go. There is no gravy train on this; you got to follow the methodology – study, send up the trial balloon, fail, learn, measure, and repeat. You will be rewarded but there will be bite-sized munchies and they aren’t bad either. And so if someone makes such grandiose claims to you, then you need to send that person packing, pronto.

Myth #2: Image optimization isn’t a thing

It really pains me so I am just going to ask you to come out of your cave and take a look at the virtual world that’s filled with beautiful images and ranks on image search. You need to stop naming your images as image 007 or mash your keyboard randomly like ghdjdjdki! Search engines read images like they read text so it stands to reason that you name them sensibly (mention appropriate ALT text assigned to the image) and descriptively so that they shine on the internet.

Myth #3: I know my keywords and I’m going to use them as if they are going out of style

Just because your SEO person has identified keywords for your business, it doesn’t mean you need to spend it prodigally. Using keywords excessively is seen as a tasteless vice by Google and led to the downfall of many giants who were guilty of it. So keep away from keyword stuffing.

Myth #4: People are smart and they will discover where they want to go on my website

Yes yes, we all are smart but you weren’t left on your own in the world to explore it right after you were born, right? You need to look at your users as babies; you need to lead them in the proper direction, spoon-feed them even, like a good parent. If you don’t, the bots will know.

Myth #5: Google doesn’t always monitor my site

Google is an omnipresent phenomenon of the World Wide Web. It probably got more eyes than Argos but if you have pulled some kind of an invisibility cloak meaning if you have blocked search indexing with meta tags like noindex or nofollow, then the Google bots will not see you.

Myth #6: My site doesn’t need to have HTTPs ‘cause I ain’t no e-commerce site

While it’s true that if you are an e-commerce site then HTTPs is absolutely necessary as a bastion against hacking, however, for non e-commerce sites too, Google suggests benefits of having a HTTPs encryption. If you must know, Google has made it as one of its ranking criterion, which also means that users are most likely to give you a miss and go to your competitor if you aren’t HTTPs’ed!

Myth #7: My ranking and SEO have no correlation

Lord Voldemort and Harry aren’t related, they are arch nemesis yet Harry can see Voldemort’s thoughts. Isn’t that …? One of my Harry Potter analogies, any ways. Let me explain – when someone shares your content on social media, it means more people click on the link, which also makes the chances of them linking your content and talking about it thick and fast. Aren’t they connected then?

Myth #8: I’m no big shot, neither a cat so my small business doesn’t stand a chance against these biggies?

Really? Is this what you think? I’m all heartbroken. Google, the generous Google is focusing more on local businesses. It wants to see every little fledgling fly high and which is why Google is training its focus on local searching and you shouldn’t delay reaping benefits of it!

Myth #9: People don’t really look me up on the mobile

Sigh. You couldn’t be further from the truth. The internet abounds with articles that will gleefully repudiate you with their astonishing results! The world uses the internet more on their mobile than on their desktop, a shift which many giants, including Google, had been anticipating for many years.

Myth #10: I remember paying the SEO guy once and I don’t think I need to again

If only the world worked like that. But, unfortunately no. Everything is constantly evolving and so is your SEO. Just like you need to align yourself with the changes that happen around you, your SEO needs to upgrade itself to the emerging trends and forecasts. So to cut to the pith of the matter – SEO is no one-time investment, you are going to have to pump in the dough for it to serve you well.       

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