Thinking TV Ads? Start Online

3 min read

Gone are the days when TV used to be the king of advertising and brand communication. Creating a TV commercial was considered to be a prestigious affair. There was total madness as it called for the big bucks.

Post the digital revolution though; the 30 second TV spot has been slowly losing its sheen. Advertisers are now thinking a hundred times before investing a large sum of money on a tiny 30 second spot. Rather, they are all for diverting most of their advertising budget to do Online Brand Communication, as they get to do a whole lot more for much less money.

Today, we can produce a short brand film without any time restrictions. Not believing your ears? It’s unbelievable but perfectly true, something that we couldn’t have dreamed of just a few years ago. Now technology has turned us all into DOPs, directors, editors, producers and what not. Anyone and everyone is ready to shoot with their mobile phones. Entire feature films are being shot on it. And the fun part is, without exorbitant media costs, most of the money is being directed to production. As a result of which, Quality has come up as a winner in this battle of the mediums.

Hopping onto the online short film bandwagon is a host of production houses with a newly created online division. This is the solution they provide to most brand owners and ad agencies when they announce their low budgets with a long face.

The current trend is for brands to make a 2 minute digital film for the web, and then advertise it on TV by making a 30 second commercial – asking people to watch the entire film online.

Today, even a child can shoot a short film on a smartphone, and upload it online. And if the film is any good, it could go viral notching up thousands of clicks in a short time. Of course there are paid media in the online realm too, when it comes to targeted marketing. And the best part is, everything online can be tracked and measured. So getting to know how successful your online film has been in terms of viewership is easy.

While TV spots are all about reach, online is about both reach and engagement. The latter is metrics and it gives you the ability to derive insights from this data. All this can be done from the comfort of an office at the minimum of costs.

So it is not surprising at all that online videos have become all the craze and brands are making a beeline to produce brand videos, putting it online and gauging the reaction of their target audiences, all in a short span of time.

So now why stick to only 3 campaign films for TV when you can make 8 or even 10 digital films for online viewing. Or you could also throw in a 5 minute animation video to spruce up the package. The choices that make up the current media mix is actually endless.

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