Tips to Make your Website Migration a Success

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Tips to Make your Website Migration a Success
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Make Your Web Design More Impactful With Right Use Of Images. Visual presentation of your website is an integral part of the web appeal. The importance of visual representation has only grown over the years. Today’s Y generation prefers graphic-based communication over text-based. This skewing towards visuals is well-supported too. According to various studies 80% people remember what they see than what they read. Hence, this is proven that if you use your images judiciously on your website, you have better chances of getting your message to the target audience. Even the most complex messages can be conveyed in the blink of an eye. For instance, the visuals of a hotel room instantly give the visitor an idea of the room décor and some of its amenities without the need of scanning through the entire descriptions. As a digital marketing and web design company in Pune, we look at web images as a great opportunity for a business to engage and influence its audience. How images can benefit your website presence? It helps bring your product to life and improves chances of sales by highlighting your brand. It ensures more clicks and views by attracting attention of the visitors and offering vital info in a digestible way. Images when accompanied with caption or description with relevant keywords can help you attain higher search engine ranking too. So, how do you use images in your web design to get maximum advantage? Ace originality with authentic images. If you want to build a strong communication between your visitors and your brand, you must be able to create a powerful impression. This can be achieved by using captivating and authentic images. Depending upon your site requirement, you may need different images for every page, subpage and even a post. Make sure to opt for authentic images that are customized to meet your specific requirements. Avoid using overused stock images, images that lack quality, and filler images. Instead, go for high-quality original pictures that represent actual places, objects, or beings. Infographics too, are ‘good to-go’ options. When you design your site, don’t just focus on using images. While pics are great for enhancing the experience on your website, you can also try some infographics. Highly preferred by businesses, these are visual elements that showcase facts, statistics, and other important information in an intriguing way that’s provokes interest. Master the art of cropping and scaling. Do you know that fully-responsive websites can create havoc with images if you fail to cater to different screen formats and aspect ratios? Hence, once sure about your image selection, use appropriate tools for cropping and scaling the images that perfectly match with your web requirements. Now, that calls for a careful balancing act. As a web design company in Mumbai, we suggest cropping and scaling on images such that it draws the user's attention to the central focus of the graphic while ruling out too much unnecessary dead space. Make use of captions. Captions matter a lot and hence must be given due attention. Adding a caption to or inserting the caption within the photo enhances the value of the posted image. A clear and powerful caption makes the context of the image compressible and takes the users closer to your point. Take away. There are multiple ways to enhance the user experience of a website and images are one of the most effective ones when it comes to web designing. We all love images. So, even if your web design is excellent but it lacks suitable visuals it can turn to be dull and drab. If you want to have an outstanding website that attracts, engages and triggers response from the user, then make sure to use meaningful and optimized images for web design. The above mentioned suggestions are just tip of the iceberg, for more ideas on web designing contact IKF – the trusted web design company in India. Our expert team has the knack of making websites more interesting and engaging through effective images. A full-service digital marketing company in Pune, we specialize in customized web designs. So, wait no longer, call us today for a free consultation session and experience the pleasure of working with thorough professionals.

Are you aware of the term website migration? If not, it’s fine; there are many like you.

People who are not well-versed with web development and SEO often falter to grasp the concept of website migration and its importance for the success of the online business.

Website migration means upgrading a website not only in terms of design, layout or content but also by altering its structure or technology. There are several reasons due to which a business could require a site migration. This includes a new CMS platform, a domain change, switching to a new server or a website redesign. The reasons at times can overlap depending on the exact needs. For example, you may need to undergo a hosting change during a website redesign.

Why website migration is needed?

Even the top web development company in India would vouch for the benefits derived from website migration. When done judiciously, web migration can offer competitive advantages. Do you want to know how? Well, the below content will make it clear:

When you migrate to a fresh site, the old web pages still exist in Google. Web migration redirects all the old web pages to the new site. This means your existing customers can still reach your site and there is no loss of traffic.

When seen in the light of SEO perspective, the authority built up via your old website continues to drive you gains as the website 2.0 doesn’t require you to start from scratch.

Tips To Make Your Website Migration A Success

Tips to come on top with right website migration

As a digital marketing and SEO company in Pune, we understand the challenges around the web migration process. Changing the website, be it related to the host, navigation, domain or structure, calls for some fundamental alterations that pose risks to your online presence. This could be due to the impacts caused on the SEO factors, disruption in existing traffic and content value.

Given the risks attached, your website migration must be carried out prudently taking into account all the critical elements and following the Google guidelines. Onboarding SEO Professionals can be very helpful in achieving concrete results from web migration.

Enlisted below are some tips that when followed can make a difference!

Move smartly and gradually

Avoid resorting to drastic changes all at one-go. It’s always better to conduct a small sample test on a sub-domain/subdirectory so that you know the pitfalls beforehand. Accordingly, you can plan out things and move to the new website steadily and gradually. Even after you move completely make sure to keep testing your new website to be aware of upcoming errors and issues and rectify them timely.

Timing is Important

Figure out the times when your website gets the lowest traffic. It could be weekend nights or early mornings. This is just the right time to migrate your website as it will incur less impact. The server load being low at this hour will improve the chances of your website being indexed faster.

The new site should be the better version

Your new site should stand out and offer better value in all aspects. For instance, if you’re moving old content to the new website, ensure it is relevant, faster and more SEO-friendly than the one you had on the previous site. If you lack in your appeal, you might end up performing poorly despite all efforts.

Set up tracking for site migration

As veterans offering SEO services in Pune & Mumbai we recommend building a dashboard to keep a track of how the new site is performing in comparison to the old one. What you can do is list the destination domain as a competitor, and create a dashboard that compares the two sites on various parameters including rankings, indexed pages, backlinks and organic search traffic.

Pay heed to 301 Redirect Map

If you want your web migration to work, bring in quality results and be thorough with your redirect mapping. This is a very important part of web migration because the search engines must be upgraded about your new online identity. Take every URL on your site; map it to a corresponding URL on the new site as best you can. Remember, if you overlook this aspect you can lose all the link equity you’ve acquired over the years, including profitable keyword rankings you earned.

Spread awareness through pre-launch promotional campaigns

Create the buzz about your new site launch. Developing a “coming soon” design landing page on the new site can provide the clue to the potential visitors. As for the old customers, keep them informed about your new site through different means including social media platforms. Highlight the desired changes and attractive features of the new version so that the users feel compelled to visit your new site.

Site migration is certainly not an easy task but considering its importance we can’t afford to ignore it either. So, the best way out is to be ready with a sound plan and take help of experienced professionals who could shape it in the right manner. Team up with IKF- the most reliable SEO company in Mumbai & Pune for excellent web development and migration services and see your business soaring higher!

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