Tips to Prepare SEO Strategies for The Post-Coronavirus Future

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Role of Video Ads in Fostering your Brand Image. People are spending more than a billion hours watching Youtube videos. It comes to around 100,000 years, which is more than all of human history in a single day. That’s startling, isn't it? In addition to YouTube, video content on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms too have made a breathtaking leap. Whether it’s a makeup tutorial or a trailer for an upcoming blockbuster, people are more connected with the online world than ever before. The context here is to highlight the growing power of video content. As a PPC agency in India, the IKF believes video content to be a potential marketing tool for establishing connection with the customers. It’s an effective way to capitalize media platforms and gain business advantage. Creating awareness and building confidence through video ads. Seeing is believing, the adage is perfectly relevant in today's digital era. Videos are more engaging to a user than mere text. You can use video ads to explain a brand new product that’s hard to describe or even show why your brand is better than the competitor’s. Building customer trust is important for all businesses but is alo the trickier part. You need strategic and consistent brand messages to move closer to your marketing goals. Offering PPC services in India, we look at the rising popularity of video content as an opportunity to create meaningful interactions with the audience and to make your brand more approachable and genuine. As it's clear that video ad campaigns are key to your business growth, let’s take a look at some of the essential elements that define a good quality video. Professional grade presentation: Be it your website blog, videos, imagery or more, the quality of the content determines how well the viewers ingest your message. It is a reflection of the company’s standards. So, make an excellent first impression by displaying professionalism and competence with top quality content. Specifically, when talking of video ads many different factors come into play that define the quality of the content. A good script, smooth visuals, and perfect sound design are elements that can’t be missing. Just remember that users are very choosy, they won’t take a second to skip your ad or, worse, ignore it if it doesn’t match their expectations. Working as one of the PPC companies in Mumbai & Pune, we recommend our clients to focus on producing pieces that have a professional finish and meet the expected quality standards. Demonstrate your expertise through explainer videos: People when browsing online are usually trying to find a solution, the best one, to their specific problem. Therefore, when you offer useful and relevant content you set up yourself as a reliable source of information that prospects can trust. Off all the approaches adopted for sharing knowledge online, explainer videos stand as the most effective one. These are very short, usually animated pieces that are specially designed to illustrate complex business ideas (or concepts) in simple and engaging ways. What makes these videos stand out is that they are neither too promotional nor a persuasive sales pitch. Instead, they introduce the company’s products/services that subtly addresses the audiences’ pain points or needs. The ad is built around a captivating storytelling that resonates with the experiences of the prospects. They help create a personal connection and foster trust of the prospects. Humanize your brand: Brands are meant for humans, so why do some marketing messages seem so robotic? The difference between marketing that leaves an impact and the one that is easily forgotten is the ability to create a relatable and humanized message that sparks an instant rapport. To ensure lasting relationships with your prospects, you need to convince them that your brand actually cares about them and their problems. Real branding goes beyond flashy logos and display of products. Some intangible, emotive and narrative elements are what really give your brand a leg to stand on. A video content that’s relatable, interesting, empathetic, and, above all, humans serves the purpose. Company story videos and customer testimonial videos can do the magic! Company story videos are perfect channels to convey your brand’s culture, core values and/or story. The central idea is to show the “human element” side of your company and bring the audience closer to your brand. Here you need to be honest and genuine with your narrative. No other company will understand your journey better than you, so take the opportunity to tell your audience what drives you and what you stand for. Customer testimonials where people actually share their experiences with the brand’s products and services can serve as a motivating factor for others to follow the suit. It’s a culmination of small efforts and new ideas that finally contribute to a successful marketing campaign. So, don't overlook these suggestions. Even the leading agencies, offering digital marketing services in India would reinforce the above statements. If you successfully implement the above tips for your marketing campaign, there are good possibilities of bridging the gap between your brand and respective audience. Now you know the importance of video ads so what next? You need to promote your videos rightly on the most suitable platforms. Be it Youtube, Facebook or more, we can help you reach your marketing goals with our digital marketing solutions. As a PPC company in Pune and Mumbai, we can guide you through the ins and outs of the digital landscape. So, don't miss the opportunity. Take advantage of our experts and get ahead of your competition! For more information about our online marketing services, call us today on +91 88888 66110 or e-mail at

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A digital future like never before

This future that we are progressing towards will come with opportunities like never before, especially for the digital world. The digital world has been our biggest ally in our struggles with maintaining social distances and self-isolating ourselves from the world. This has been an extraordinary time for people to realize the power of using digital tools and further understand the use of digital marketing. As all our news, daily updates, gossips and rumors are being handed to us via digital platforms, everyone feels compelled to leverage digital for more than just fulfill their needs of today… they are compelled to plan for the future that lies ahead.

As we slowly progress towards a Coronavirus-free world, people will want to live a life of excitement and happiness! They are planning for all their wishes, desires and wants that they couldn’t fulfill today because of the pandemic. As suggested by experts, the COVID-19 outbreak might be over by the end of quarter-two (June end). This means people are gearing up for an exciting quarter-three and quarter-four! You should too!

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Searching for future opportunities in today’s time

People are looking up a plethora of products and services, apart from the government sanctioned essential goods. People want to buy new houses, new cars, travel to a new city or even buy cool new electronic gadgets! Even though these commodities and products are out of bounds for them, nothing is stopping people from looking them up online, searching hundreds of things related to one single product. People are investing this time to plan for the perfect future. And this is where you as a business owner, need to start looking for opportunities to secure your future revenue stream. What will be the most popular product, how often people are searching for the same product and what will be the demand like 3 months from now? These are all the questions that you should be asking to create a fool-proof marketing strategy for the future, as the answers are right in front of you!

Optimizing for the Search Engine of the future

The only place you need to look at is the search engine results! This will show you what people will be interested in 3 months from now, with precise data and detailed consumer behavior information. This is the data you will also need to plan for the marketing campaigns that will be run across digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube. This is typically a core part of IKF’s social media marketing services in India.

Are you ready for the most exciting future of your time? Let’s start preparing for it by taking small, diligent and effective steps from today. Everything you do and every data-set you procure will solidify your future SEO strategies. To understand how to go about this, we have created a list of tips you can follow to extract maximum quality information for your digital team to rely on.

Tips to prepare effective SEO strategies in the future:

1. Curate keywords:

Start with the basics. Make use of the ‘Keyword Planner’ feature in Google AdWords and compile a list of all the hot keywords that are appearing today. These keywords will tell you, at a high-level, what people are going to be going after in the near future. As a leading SEO company in Pune, we always prioritize on this aspect.

2. Take stock of the Inquiries:

Even though people are uncertain about the on-going situation, most potential customers will drop inquires on your websites out of sheer interest or curiosity. These inquires may not be useful to reach back to your customers in the future, but can tell you a great deal about what their requirements will be like.

3. Analyze the search:

Stay ahead of all the trends that will emerge in the coming future, by analyzing the search data for various parameters. Study search patterns and traffic volumes using Google analytics to understand what triggers different people to search for certain things and where most of the traffic is coming from (emails, social media sites or search engines). This will help you customize your ads and SEO campaigns for various audience-sets.

4. Prepare a content strategy:

With all the data acquired using the above tips, you can prepare a holistic content strategy that relates with people’s needs and effectively influences their buying decisions. With almost 3 months of foresight, you can develop impactful content guidelines for your writers to follow while creating blogs, articles or emailers. These guidelines will help them write content that will be spot-on and bring in maximum sales. Content marketing is a part of IKF’s SEO services in Mumbai.

5. Create ad templates:

When it comes to running social media campaigns or paid ads on any digital platform (AdSense, Facebook or Instagram), the more dynamic your ads, the more traffic you can hope to generate. With all the data you have, you can work on creating ad or creative templates that can later be modified for final use. These templates will come handy when it’s time to run comprehensive product campaigns across all digital platforms. At that time, you will be able to cut down most of the time spent on ideation and designing.

We are witnessing a never-seen before scenario in the digital world. There are no sales, no leads no conversations but yet, there is so much data to be analyzed and plan for the future! A future that has the potential to bring in more than double the revenue. Businesses have an opportunity to create highly effective and qualitative marketing campaigns that will garner wide-scale interest and create maximum ROI.

For those of you who see the upside of this ordeal we are facing and want to prepare themselves for a prosperous future, I Knowledge Factory is here to help. IKF is a leading digital marketing company in India offering full-fledged SEO services for all kinds of businesses and startups. If you wish to discuss a plan to secure your digital future, feel free to connect with us using the below information. We will be happy to schedule a free consultation session for your team.