Title can be given but Respect is to be Earned – My CPL-2018 Experience

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Being a part of Circle’s family. I get an annual opportunity to witness the flagship program of Circle’s called Circle’s Premier League (CPL) every year, This event gives all members of circles a great opportunity connect with over 180 enthusiastic circle members who are friends outside, but compete with each other on the field. We all are united by a bond like a family and during CPL season we are divided as teams to compete and outbeat each other on field.
Over past 2 seasons i owned the IKF Tiger’s team, even though we reached the finals in the very first season, we had to settle for the 1st runner up title. This got me thinking on qualities and skills I was yet to imbibe and implement as an owner to ensure success.
This year, I participated as a player under the team Maharashtra Paper Company owned by KiranBhai Shah and the experience gave me a great opportunity to make quick observations that turned out to be important management lessons. I would love to share here:
1. A Leader Has to Lead- As a leader, ensure that you share your vision and excitement with the team. They need to feel the same energy flowing through them that you carry. Lead them to the path where there is ensured success and take charge in the process. This not only increases trust in your team members, but also teaches you the art of making informed decisions.

2. It’s Not about How Strong You Are, But Understanding Your Competition – You might have the best pitch ready and the competition can still sweep the deal from under your nose if you don’t know who you are up against. So make that SWOT analysis of both, yourself and your competition and play on your strengths along with the competition’s weaknesses to achieve a guaranteed win.
3. 12 Players Aligned To Team Goal And Objective Make A Lot Of Difference – Ever heard the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? I observed, if you give one recipe to all the cooks and give them one goal, make delicious broth. Divide the tasks separately and monitor them. I witnessed the best broth of my life. It is also about deciding the one player who needs to take the backseat when others perform and only proper alignment can help with that decision.
4. It’s not about Game Skills It’s about Core Strength & Mentality – Quite a few of us weren’t masters in cricket when we joined the league. We all learnt during practice. But it is your core strength and mental conditioning that keeps you going in tough times and takes you to victory.  
5. More you Sweat in Practice, Less you Bleed in Competition– I was surprised to see people batting and bowling for over 500 balls and even when we were exhausted, we kept going. The benefit came in terms of us performing wonderfully in each premier league match without a single hitch.
6. Get Your Team Along You Alone Can’t Make A Deal– You need your entire team to back you up when making a deal. You can’t play the game all by yourself. Everyone can’t be an all rounder and that’s ok. Leverage the speciality of each member to achieve great outputs. There are occasions during matches when someone gets hit hard and that is when we unite as a team.
7. No Argument and Messes– All of us at CPL are owners of our business and heads of our families. Thus, listening to someone might not always be an attitude. There are chances when emotions might get hurt. As a team, we all took it upon us to respect the coach, the captain and the head, and not take anything personally. As a result of this we faced no arguments or messes.
8. You Need Overall Skill and Strength– I observed, that the captain knew the nitty-gritty of functions that each of the team member performed to be able to guide them in the right direction. Along with this, they were the strongest ones around.
9. Bonding Is Not About Time You Spend In Evening At Club But It’s More About Time You Spent On Nets And Fields in the Mornings– It is our choice whom we want to be hanging around with. The people who are fitness conscious or the ones who party. I learnt the importance of healthy practices and lifestyle.
10. Set the Right Expectations 1stTime and Every Time– Our captains and heads set the expectations right the very first time. The expectations were simple, no cheating, no sledging, no arguments and messes and giving our 100%. In times tempers flared, the expectations got us back on track.
11. Keep Plan B Handy– We live and work in a dynamic world and you can never be certain of what tomorrow has in store for you. So research, think of all the possible scenarios and make your back up plan.

“Besides these, here are a few commendable skills and strengths I observed in our cricket team”

kiran-shah Kiran Shah
An extremely focused and determined individual, who includes people who are less skilled, leverages on their strengths and weaknesses, and instead of focusing on the weaknesses, develops their strengths and turns them into successful players. He understands the values of humility and compassion and imbibes them in the team. The best part about him is that he is an all-rounder himself. Age doesn’t come to his excuse let it be on and off field. Kiran Shah is one of the fittest people I have ever come across and his commitment is commendable.
minal Minal Gadia
He is the perfect captain who believes in his teams’ and his own strength and displays strong faith for the team owner. He is a great blend of aggression and considerability and knows how to toggle between the two to achieve victory. Personally he is a very simple and clean hearted person. On the opposing team, he is very aggressive and with his charm and enthusiasm, he makes things happen.
Devendra Mehta
A perfect Cordinator who coordinates and follows up with members ensuring 100% attendance during training. However, his real skills can be seen when he has the ball in hand and he mesmerizes the batsman in his favor. His performance during the last overs is a treat to the eyes of spectators and a rescue to fielders.
Yogesh Shah
A fantastic and determined all rounder. When he’s around you expect no room for lethargy. He is someone who gives over 100% on the field but is calm and composed off the field. Whenever asked for an opinion, he comes in with great pieces of advice and one of the major contributors to the team’s performance.
Sunil Sunil Baheti
Consistent performer for over last 4 seasons making the entire team reach and play finals. His aggression is calm and composed. A perfect finisher and someone you can bag and rely upon, may it be batting, balling or fielding.
Shekhar Shekar Mundada
A Dhoni of a side don’t expect him to make a lot of noise but keep batsmen under pressure when he’s behind stumps. A man whose meditation before every match got team forget about current and only let person focus on game. He also thought us a philosophy to focus you need to learn the art to de focus. Getting all team mediate before every matches changed all the game. A meditator of the field who influenced the entire team’s energy towards victory.
Kumar Kumar Porwal 
A silent killer who gives his 100 % on and off field. A ball in his sight can never cross the boundary. He is true example of the idiom catches win matches. A very easy going and absolutely comfortable buddy on a side.
Ajay Ajay Bhandari
He’s a jack of all trades and to be played when situation demands and comes up pretty handy.
Umesh Umesh Somani
People might sledge him all they like, but he dominates with his bowling and calm and focused approach.
nirmal Nirmal Shah
Always there to support and follow up on instruction and willing to be part of team even when not playing in 11. Despite of health issues initially he’s role in matches was commendable.
santosh Santosh Navandar
A passionate player who also keeps us entertained on and off the field. A very obedient and sincere student of cricket. His passion for cricket is unmatched!


To Conclude-

As in a vehicle you need both accelerator and a brake to make it move same is in game of life but we need to master the skill of using 1 at a time and knowing which one to use.