Thinking of Building a Website in 2020? Here’s Your To-Do List of Six

6 Essentials of Building a New Website in 2020

Building a website in India in the year 2020 has become a much faster process than it traditionally used to be. Anybody with a little bit of technical knowledge and understanding can create their own website in a matter of minutes. With all the online web building tools available at your disposal, you no longer require the expertise of a website developer, or do you? Well, for starters, designing a website is not the end of it all, it is just the beginning. It takes a lot more than tools to run a website. So, you’ll still be required to approach a website development company in India to do all the accompanying tasks. Let us know what it takes to build a website and successfully sustain it.

1. Objective of Your Website:

When starting a website, you need to have a purpose statement. A purpose statement gives the website developer a clearer idea and lets them align their thought process keeping the end result in mind. To set a purpose statement, first, identify what kind of business you are providing such as a service or a product. A service category may include Software developers, restaurants & cafes, hairdressing, babysitting, tuitions or classes, repairing, cooking, dry cleaning, and so on. While product categories can be grocery, hardware, clothing, second-hand cars, or anything else that is tangible. There’s a third category - a hobby website - which is a slightly ambiguous but heavily popular one where your objective is neither to sell your own goods nor service but to provide information about your field of expertise such as cooking, crafts, religion, history, etc. and in return gain followers and attract advertisers. Service and hobby-based websites aim to attract customers to their stores or businesses while product-based ones aim to deliver the product to the customers. This means the former category needs to have features such as inquiry forms, comments section, chat window, document downloads, or a newsletter subscription form while the latter category may require additional features such as a payment gateway, a customer database, more storage space at the backend, etc. Note that the requirements may mix and match depending on sectors - for instance, product-based companies such as metal roofs supplier or dry fruit wholesalers or a nursery may build a service-based website despite being a product company while a barber may provide home services and require features like a payment gateway and customer database. IKF is a website development company in Pune which excels in all types of website specific to a customer or their business.

2. Domain Name :

Many people undermine this rather important step of finding a list of suitable names for your websites and then shortlisting one based on their relevance and also domain availability. The name should be such that it should be creative, easy to remember, easy to type, and related to your business. Relating a name to your business might not always be practical for instance Myntra - a clothing e-commerce website - has no relation with its name and business. In such cases, you need to brainstorm and come up with a quirky name that will remain in the minds of customers for a long time. There are many domain names providers in the market such as Godaddy and Bigrock where you can book a name for as little as Rs. 99 per year. These domain name providers also provide hosting plans(which we will discuss in our next point) as a part of their package. Finalizing a name can take forever, so remember to mark a deadline on your calendar for it so that you don’t spend more time than is deserving of it. IKF is a website development company in Mumbai & Pune that has provided domain and hosting services.

3. Website Hosting:

Once you have come up with an apt name, you will now need a space that will host your website. Hosting providers impact the speed and traffic of your website. Hosting plans can be quite confusing if you don’t really know what is required for you such as say email IDs, data backup, or shared servers. You may need to consult a website development company to give you the right way forward. They will help you find a reliable web hosting solution provider that can guarantee maximum uptime, high-speed servers, space for your data, etc.

In case you are not familiar with hosting, here’s an explanation. A website is like a virtual shop and like every shop, it needs an area where it can be set up. This area is provided on physical hard drives called ‘servers’. To give you an example, it’s like you rent a shop in a mall but your shop cannot individually operate without the operation of the mall. In the context of a website, these ‘malls’ become servers. These servers are connected to the internet 24x7 which makes it possible to access your website anytime and anywhere using the internet.

4. Website Design & Development:

Website design is very important to reflect your business and impress the audience. These days, there are many website templates easily available at a reasonable price. While these templates can be good for hobbyists and enthusiasts, a more serious business should preferably go for a customized website from an expert. The advantage of developing your website from experts is that they take end to end care of your website right from finding a domain, hosting, designing, troubleshooting and maintenance - all of which you will have to do yourself otherwise. IKF is known as the leading web design services in Providing state of art designs for all sorts of web pages.

Responsive website development

5. Website Content :

What do you write in ‘about us’? What should be a description of your products and services? How many words are perfect to maintain the interest of your reader? These questions may not have a standard answer but there is a standard way of identifying the specific requirements of the user and writing content accordingly. Good content is really the difference between an authentic and a fraud website. Users perceive spelling or grammar mistakes as being spammy or incompetent. To avoid such an impression, it is best to get your content written from an experienced content writer

6. SEO Optimization:

Now that your website is all done, it’s time to invite new customers. You can distribute your URL to your friends and family and ask them to visit your online store, but what about the customers who don’t know you yet. How will your beautiful website reach their searching eyes? For that, you need to develop your website in a way that it pops up in the search window for customers looking for your keywords. This task can only be best done by website development and SEO company in Pune like IKF who can develop your website and also digitally market it.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to build a website, contact IKF. IKF is a specialized website designing company in India providing end to end website and digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Contact IKF, today!

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