Top 4 Businesses that Need SEO Backing to Achieve Maximum Growth

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Mantras To Nurture Repeat Sales For Your Ecommerce Business. Do you know that most online stores typically get a major chunk of their revenue from their existing customer base? What’s more important is that the figures get even better when businesses invest time and effort to adopt the “repeat customers” approach. However, persuading and convincing customers to go for your brand again is no piece of cake. Earning customer’s confidence and building a lasting digital reputation calls for a strategic marketing plan. If you are into e-commerce, looking forward to boosting your sales then repeat sales should be on top of your mind. IKF, a leading digital marketing company in Pune, has been helping e-commerce stores to make a strong digital footprint through capitalizing on existing customers. Like most Marketing Gurus we too consider repeat-sale as the cost-effective way to galvanizing ones brand position in the market. There are multiple ways to fortify repeat business. Here we have rounded up some quick and effective strategies that will serve you right! Ways to generate repeat sales. Start Loyalty programs: Encouraging repeat sales by providing incentives is a great way to create brand loyalty. Providing the user with a coupon or discount voucher on their second sale can motivate the customer to shop with you again. Offering point-based digital loyalty cards or special rewards for referring new customers to your business too can be instrumental in triggering repeat purchase behaviour. Personalized communication can do the trick: Smart marketers understand the value of personalized communication in fostering customer engagement. In practicality, personalization shouldn’t end with sending emails to the customers with their first names but must go beyond that. Be it sending personalized product recommendations or addressing card abandonment marketing emails, the sales pitch must evolve as you continue to interact with your customers. One of the ways to get it right is by focusing on emailing timelines. For instance, if you want to flash a sale offer, prefer timings that are convenient to the users. There’s no point promoting your offers in the middle of workdays. Leverage all platforms to build a stronger bond: Figure out what communication method your customer prefers and accordingly cater to it. Users generally have different communication patterns, and to get the repeat purchase, it’s critical to make re-adjustments based on which channels they are responding to. Additionally, reach out to your customers via different platforms. Addressing customer’s complaints and queries on every possible portal is an excellent after-sale service that even the best digital marketing company in India would advocate for strengthening bonds with the customer. Make shopping experience convenient for the customers: If you don’t want to lose your hard-earned customers to your competitor give them an easy and pleasant shopping experience. Some of the techniques to garner customer confidence include offering a seamless mobile experience, easy check out process, faster website loading time, multiple payment options, free shipping and more. Remember, products may come and go but a business that offers a truly remarkable customer experience will continue to rule the market. Incorporate smart remarketing strategies: Remarketing allows you to re-engage and educate the customers that you already managed to influence. Use appealing remarketing ads to offer special deals that were not available on the first visit to your site like, “buy one, get one free”, or other similar offers to grab the attention of the customer. However, make sure not to go overboard with remarketing ads. Put a cap on the number of ads that can be displayed to the respective customer. As an SEO agency in Pune, we vouch that right remarketing can enhance conversions, amplify your SEO results and reward you with repeat sales. Wrap Up. Do you know that customer retention has cascading effects on your overall business growth? Well, according to a report even a 2% increase in customer retention bears a similar effect on a company's profits as cutting costs by 10%. Now, that’s a huge difference. This is not all; a satisfied customer can also act as your brand advocate, promoting your product through word of mouth or social media. Considering the significant role of repeat sale, investing dedicated resources and effort towards accomplishing it is not a choice but a necessity. As a thriving digital marketing agency in Pune and Mumbai, we suggest that as you keep alluring brand-new customers, make sure the doors to existing customers are not closed. Connect with the IKF team to discover more actionable marketing tactics on customer retention. Call us today on +91 88888 66110 or just drop us a mail at We’d love to partner with you on your journey to success!

As digital marketers, we’ve always harped upon the importance of SEO for your online business success and it’s for a reason.

As our connection with the virtual world gets stronger, the need to bolster online visibility get’s even more significant than ever before. And that’s where SEO comes in. It improves the search engine ranking of your web page and paves the way for more traffic and conversions. A smart SEO strategy developed and executed by the experts like that of IKF – the leading SEO Company in Pune can make a massive difference to your business growth. Want to know how SEO tactic helps businesses?

Here are some of the benefits that SEO can bring to your online presence:

  • It helps you rank higher in search results that make potential customers more likely to click on your site and convert.
  • Showing up higher at the search engine for the relevant keywords of the user also solidifies your product/ service as trustworthy in the user’s mind.
  • SEO also contributes towards improving the overall user experience which is the essential ingredient for strengthening bonds with the customers.
Businesses that need SEO impetus for sustainability and optimum growth

All in all, SEO acts as a valuable tool for brand awareness, building relationships with prospects, and positioning you as an authoritative brand. Although it’s one of the crucial marketing tools for almost every business today, here we’ve rounded up the top 4 businesses that can flourish the most with effective SEO:

Businesses that need SEO impetus for sustainability and optimum growth

1) Ecommerce industry: The surge in e-commerce businesses have resulted in stiff competition. To cut through this a company needs foolproof SEO support. Be it online SEO, Offline SEO or local SEO, a right mix of all the SEO elements drives immense benefits to e-commerce business. As experts of a reputed SEO company in Mumbai & Pune, we reinforce leveraging SEO even for the startups as it offers excellent opportunities to create brand awareness and sets the path to reach the target audience.

2) Healthcare industry: SEO helps move beyond branded traffic by allowing you to get noticed by other people who are looking for the medical services you offer. Moreover, as it puts your content in front of people at the moment when they are looking to make a healthcare decision, you have better chances to prove your worth.

3) Hospitality sector: As the hospitality sector revives from the pandemic aftermath, a booster dose of marketing can prove to be useful. Businesses like restaurants, hotels, flights etc, when backed with a sound SEO strategy can gain back their momentum and fortify their brand presence in the respective industry.

4) Real-estate: More and more people today rely on real estate websites when searching for homes. Be it property listing, searching or booking, all actions are being done on the online platforms. And with projects spreading across cities, countries and continents, SEO has become a must-have tactic that any real-estate dealer can’t afford to ignore.

If you’re a dynamic entrepreneur looking for ways to increase business visibility and sales, SEO can help you achieve your goals. It boosts sales by driving more traffic to your website and gives you opportunities to convert leads into customers.

However, a powerful SEO practice calls for expertise and skill. Contrary to the past trends when SEO could be managed with keyword density equations and cheaply bought backlinks, modern SEO needs a sound understanding of the concepts and works as part of a holistic, integrated digital marketing strategy.

To make things simpler and more convenient, partner with the genuine and reliable digital marketing agency in India - the IKF. We offer excellent SEO solutions along with other digital marketing plans tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Contact us today and reap the benefits of working with thorough SEO professionals!