Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for Hospitality Industry

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2016 is a year of new software, apps, and marketing platforms, as far as hospitality industry is concerned. With video conferencing to distant training opportunities and centralized management systems, the IT has taken over the hospitality sector. But according to most of the industry leaders, the most important question right now is how to get the most out of cutting edge technology, to further marketing efforts and
For being a strong contestant in the online marketing world, hoteliers need to be equipped with the digital marketing trends of 2016. Here are 5 game-changing trends of 2016 that will especially impact hospitality industry and help in creating more opportunities:

  1. Video Marketing

This year too, videos will continue to rule particularly YouTube. If your business does not have a video yet, then it is time that you create a video marketing strategy. To start with, you can create a content calendar and keep track of different ideas/topics for video. The videos that you create should be relevant for that month and season. Once the topics and ideas for videos are ready, it is time to design a marketing strategy. While designing the strategy, decide where you would like to share your videos as the more channels you share them on, the more exposure it will get.

  1. Social Media Advertising

Similar to video marketing, social media advertising is a recognized, and an extremely influential concept that is beginning to hit its stride. From 2016’s perspective, social media advertising has a magnificent potential for targeted and localized marketing. A hotel’s activity on social media decides the success of your search engine optimization. Google tends to favor only those social media accounts, which post and interact with their audience on different channels regularly. Not only the frequency of posting, but also the quality of posts is important. It is very essential to evolve your strategies with ever-changing algorithms of Google.

  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR is a technology, which is here to stay. If you think that it has no relevance to hospitality industry, then you are wrong. With devices like Samsung VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive proudly leading the charge, the VR arena just made a successful start. Soon, we will be looking at a customer trend that gives people a chance to visit and tour your entire hotel in full virtual reality, before he/she makes a booking. This might take a while, but those who start implementing this trend right now will have a huge advantage in upcoming years.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is very important for hospitality industry. It is a strategy of inviting podcasters, bloggers, Instagrammers, and video bloggers (vloggers) with a huge and dedicated social media following in order to promote your business. It is considered to be a powerful and influential method of connection.

  1. Deeper Analytics

According to a recent survey, it is observed that the hospitality industry might up its collective marketing analytics spending this year. There is a great amount of customer data ready to be tapped into, which can efficiently allow fool-proof blueprints creation for stellar performance. From website to social media engagement and from demographic behavior to competitor performance, the more that occurs online, the more you know about each targeted customer.
It is very much clear that the future of hotel marketing is continuing to move very fast. While a few of the trends mentioned above are still in their early years (virtual reality, and wearable technology), you can consider the rest (video marketing, social media advertising, and influencer marketing) as necessary elements for your marketing strategy in 2016.
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