Top Ten Essential Entrepreneur Mantras

4 min read

So, what makes us, entrepreneurs unique? Our constant quest for excellence, a never say die attitude and most often we ask ourselves – “how will the world be different if I lived in it?”

Well, all my life I have parked on these thoughts and have managed to carve out a standing in the digital world. But, there are some critical life mantras that I feel are super essential for budding and established entrepreneurs to touch base with their champion side. Let us see what they are:

1. Be a learner. Never stop.

Developing that learner side in you is the crux of all the mantras. The learner inside you must drive the passion to cultivate. It could be a thing like to learn public speaking skills. Though not everyone may be good at it. But, that constant urge to speak your mind and share your experiences in front of the crowd, can never seize you to grow.

2. Entrepreneurship isn’t instant winning.

Well, remember entrepreneurship is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Businesses, start-ups take time to establish in the market. Meanwhile, take out time for rejuvenating activities like cycling, encircle yourself with energetic people and workout physically as bodily health strengthens mental well-being.

3. No dream is too late to accomplish.

Never ever think that it’s too late to launch your powerful idea. Perseverance and positivity are the keys to achieve your dreams. Remember, A.P.J Abdul Kalam wanted to become a fighter pilot, but failed. He later went on to become the President of India, the supreme commander of the Indian Armed Forces.

4. Be ready to fail.

Believe me, failure triggers transformation. If you have taken the plunge into wilderness, be ready to get attacked and prove your existence! Long ago, Bill Gates started a business called Traf-O-Data which went nowhere and he dropped out of Harvard. But his passion & dream for computer technology led him to start Microsoft.

5. Offer amazing service.

Don’t forget to offer legendary services to your clients and customers. If you serve them well, they are your PR persons who speak great about you to others, without faking it. Respect their loyalty and celebrate this wonderful relationship whenever opportunity arises.

6. Fire up your passion. Money’s not everything.

If you are passionate about connecting with different people or business networking at forums and seminars, then go ahead. You never know, like-minded individuals may help sustain your fire to drive the best in you.

7. Never forget your people.

No matter how wise and important I have grown to be, I have stayed connected with my past employees, employers, family, believers and customers. They help you hold onto your roots.

8. Invest in branding yourself.

In today’s age, if you are not branding yourself, you are a commodity. I take out time to travel across my comfort zone to spread the work and experiences gathered so far to interact with the young minds. Conducting institutional visits and seminars on digital marketing topics at our office has become a ritual. Having a presence on social media is a milestone in itself.

9. Take negative feedback in your stride.

Often we see a negative feedback as a failure of our services. The question to be asked is, “How best you can help in improving the situation?” Don’t let negativity bog you down. As Jeff Weiner, CEO at LinkedIn stated in his post, “Even negative feedback can be a gift. Take it seriously but don’t let it define you. Define yourself.”

10. Be fearless.

I remember, whenever I feared about certain things, I happened to give in my best shot. Explore the unexplored, this is where the magic happens. Fear can help us develop strategies to improve the chances of success.

So, go out there, launch yourself with full intensity, determination and courage. These mantras will help you revive the champion inside you!