Traditional Websites versus Marketable Websites

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While designing a website what are the necessary things to be kept in mind? Of course that it should look good, should be easier to navigate, and should provide a good user experience. However if you are looking at traditional website design the above parameters will suffice for you. But the times have changed and that too drastically.
Modern user expectations are changing very rapidly. An increasing list of consumer demands has paved the way for a website experience which will influence the user’s mind positively. Along with easy website navigation, short page load time, full mobile optimization, rich content, are some of the features of a marketable website. We have a growth concept which is in sharp contrast to the traditional web design concept. So, is it time that we already rule out the traditional website concept design? Well not really.

traditional vs marketable website
In order to get a clear picture of the problem we will analyze pros and cons associated with traditional and marketable web design.

Pros of Traditional Web design

  • It’s a one and done design formula to ensure that your brand is ready for a great marketing momentum.
  • Since time frames are restricted you have a fair idea of when the project will take-off and get completed.
  • All kinds of requirements are easily addressed through a traditional website design.
  • There is no constant process of revamping the website unlike a marketable design model.

Cons of Traditional Web Design

  • A traditional website design is very subjective. It is hardly based on marketing strategy and analytics.
  • The final output is most of the times is not user-driven.
  • Designing a traditional website is a time consuming process and you will need to wait at least a couple of months before the website becomes fully operational.
  • After the launch of the website it already has danger of design turning obsolete since it’s a once and for all process.

Pros of Marketable Web design

  • A marketable web design will never be out of date.
  • It is relatively easier to keep up with the changes in a growth driven website model. Further you can always optimize it according to the client requirements.
  • A new and improved design can be launched in a short time within a limited budget.
  • There cannot be one significant investment but a matter of payments which you need to organize accordingly over a period of months.

Cons of Marketable Web Design

  • Constantly upgrading and assessing the website can sometimes be a tedious task.
  • It requires regular planning on how to continuously optimize your website.
  • A continuous follow up on all the changes is very necessary and process involves lot of adjustments and development.

So after having listed the pros and cons of both types of websites you will perhaps be asking yourself a question? Which website should you finally go for?
Is the growth driven design good for my business or should I go with the traditional model?

Truth to be told there is no fixed answer as such.

However from the longevity point of view it always good to go with the marketable web design model. But at the same time you cannot rule out the possibility of a good traditional web design. It shouldn’t be treated as an obsolete choice or a default choice. There are businesses which simply don’t require a marketable web design model because it’s not simply suitable for their business.

The final verdict

With the Internet being such a huge canvas it is simultaneously an ever-changing and a dynamic place. So, initially you can start off with a traditional model but it will only be a matter of time you have to switch to a marketable model owning to the enterprising nature of the web.
You would never want an out of date website since it will be totally out of sync and will fail to generate business and drive sales.

A website is your biggest marketing asset and the hub of all your marketing activities. It is the first place where people go to look for information. So, it should be up-to date with the current technical know-how of business.
So, a marketable web design is your safe bet for the long run.

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