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Personal Branding on Social Media

Personal Branding is a Conscious Effort Towards Building Your Own Personal Portfolio

Personal branding is a conscious effort towards building your own personal portfolio. You don’t need to be a celebrity, business tycoon to create your portfolio. Every person has a niche for having their personal, social, financial, economical set of connect with whom they interact from time in and out. However, we are living in a world of digital transformation and everything which was being done conventional has been challenged and if it has not been changed is presumed to be outdated and perished. That’s where personal branding comes into the picture.

But what does the term ‘Personal Branding’ mean?

“Personal branding is your perception of what people think about you when you are not around”

As a marketer I come across and meet managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs from all different industries. Lots of people have different perceptions where they say that it’s not about the platform; it’s about the conversations they wish to do. Platform changes from person to perception but everything else will remain the same. If people matters to you, then the digital era gives you a communication platform to connect with people who matters to you. Your reviews, referrals, recommendations, skill endorsements can all be achieved through online platform.

Today’s audiences are highly connected through web, social and mobile. They hear, engage, and interact with you either passively or actively. You do not need to inform anyone any happenings if you are connected through digital platforms. Being on digital platform is like creating your social footprint. The kind of footprints you lay is the kind of person they perceive.

Let’s simplify this

Medium to Promote Your
Personal Brand
Having a Presence on
Digital Platform
Humanise Your Feeling

Let’s now try to understand how you can create your strong digital footprint:-

How should you go on these platforms?

Firstly, decide your goal. Ideally you should have a right goal and if you have not thought about it then it is a high time that you should think over it and make an objective. Once the goal is set select channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. These channels are like dishes which require different spices or masalas in different proportions, curate concern and capture moments accordingly.

For connecting over these platforms, you will need to build your networks so that people can see you and you can see as to what is happening in their personal and professional life. Don’t keep on posting on every personal post. You need to understand who would appreciate and who would be annoyed. Keep interacting with most trending discussions. Your content to the world will be your reputation.

If you are shying away from the social presence you are bound to face the following:

But why does it matter?

Send Invite Message to New
Pleasantry Messages to New
Wish People on Their Cherishable

Below are normal ways to converse with your connections

1.Custom invite message to new connections.
2.Thank you or pleasantry messages to new connection.
3.People have some cherishing moments and they would like you to wish them on –

While you do this, you will be visible to your connections. If people value you they will acknowledge you thus, be choosy where you should be commenting, liking or sharing. Else just give it a casual or passive visit to the post.

Last but not the least,

Remember – Personal branding isn’t about self promotion .. It’s about You and Your aspirations.

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Ashish Dalia
Entrepreneur, Chairman & Chief Business Strategist
I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd