5 Best Ways to Assess the Best PPC Agency

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An effective online campaign is highly beneficial for any agency when done right. There are numerous agencies available where they are offering Pay per Click (PPC) Campaigns to market your business online. Selecting a correct PPC agency can be a daunting task when you want to start a paid advertising campaign. But after selecting the right agency also there are a lot of things to look into. A good PPC strategy takes both time and regular monitoring and you need to evaluate continuously to provide the optimum results.
Hence, selecting the correct PPC agency is always important. First, we take a look at what are the PPC metrics available.

  • Impressions-The number of times your ad was displayed on a page.
  • Clicks-The number of times someone clicked on your ads
  • Cost-The total cost for all clicks.
  • Average Cost per Click-Total cost divided by the total number of clicks.
  • Impression Share-The total number of times your ad is visible v/s the total number of times it was actually shown.
  • Conversions-The number of times someone clicked on an ad within a specific period of time.

How to sell better to clients
So which are the factors which should be taken into consideration while deciding your PPC Agency?
 1. Experience Matters
A successful PPC campaign comes with a high-level of strategic planning. While entrusting the job of looking after your campaign you are relying on the company for an effective promotion so that your product is visible the maximum number of times. The agency should effectively focus on an in-depth analysis on paid search engine and pay attention to optimizing the efforts with the marketing campaign. The agency should be certified through Google AdWords.
 2. Client Retention Rate /Client List
While deciding on which PPC agency to go for always check with the previous client’s database. Also look for the spectrum of clients they have worked for. Working across a multitude of clients will show the agency’s multi-dimensional side and help you in making a decision. Also is the agency being able to retain the regular clients? If they are what their strategy is, will it work for your company? If not do they have another strategy in mind?
  3. Frequency of communication
The best PPC agencies will ensure that the flow of communication is a regular one and will keep you updated with the status of your account. Preferably, regular meetings should be conducted and any concerns should be addressed immediately. Regular e-mails are a must to ensure smooth flow of communication so that there are no discrepancies.
  4. The type of reporting is important
With a PPC agency, it is important that you will receive a regular analytics report of your performance. A good agency will always provide a detailed customized report which will evaluate your performance and tell the effect of new advertisements which had on your campaign.
  5. Keyword Strategy is very important
Perhaps the most vital part of any PPC campaign, review what is the keyword strategy of your potential PPC agency.

  • The strategy should be based on keyword research and competitive analysis combined with the Google Analytics data.
  • The list of the keywords should apply to your products and services.
  • It should also be relevant to your industry.

Your keyword strategy should be such that it should include long-tail phrases, which can deliver more closely targeted traffic and can offer swift conversions.
PPC Marketing is a science and also art! A combination of both delivers the perfect results. Sometimes it is not perfect but if done a correct approach it can deliver great results. Let your hunt for PPC stop with us. Connect with us on 8888866110 or email us on sales@ikf.co.in.