Why every Manufacturing Company needs a Website Development Agency to partner with?

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A Man is known by the company he keeps, a Company is known by the Website they keep.

As a major Web Design Company in India, we believe that a great Website is the face of an organization. However cool or reputed a company might be, a great looking website is an essential prerequisite. Because today, a website becomes a touch-point that helps to connect and create the first impression on the world at large. If the adage – ‘first impression is the last’ is anything to go by, then a website today creates that crucial first impression on the brand for anyone visiting the site.


Here are some design strategies that every manufacturing company should stick to:

1. Reflect your actual business

Ensure that your website has the colors of your brand, solid color text, the color of your logo to make the world start associating the color with your brand, engage visitors and create a modern, trustworthy experience.

2. Use images that reinforce your brand

Images that reinforce the brand values of the company like quality products, happy employees, high level of efficiency, customer satisfaction and anything else that stand for the brand. All you need to do is the right images and the right designer who has absorbed everything that the company associates itself with.

3. Make the site easy to navigate

Making the site user-friendly is one of the most important factors to keep in mind while designing a website. People should not feel wary due to its complex design. Breadcrumbs, links and sitemaps all combine to make the site easy to navigate, which in turn helps to keep customers on the site or lose them to the competition. Try to answer questions like these in the affirmative to make a difference: can I return to the previous page? Can I visit another relevant page? Can I go to the homepage?

4. The Design should target the audience

While the pages should express the best qualities about your business, you should also target professionals who are responsible for contacting you on behalf of their companies. How the site engages them will show that you understand they are the decision-makers, their businesses as potential clients, and your interaction as a business opportunity. The Praj Industries website is a great example of user-friendly website designing by IKF – putting the user experience as one of the significant factors in its design.


5. The speed of a webpage can help you lead

No one has the time to waste. Especially so when it comes to decision-makers that your website targets. Engagement will peak when your webpages load fast. So ensure that the latest platforms are used to build your website, which can only be done with a trusted design house.

6. Color co-ordination

Another website in the manufacturing sector that calls attention to itself because of its strategic designing sense is Linde Mh India – a website developed and designed by IKF to give the company a coherent and impactful design that decision-makers would find relevant and attractive. For this, we used the negative color strategy, making the Logo stand out while making the product stylized, a rarity for the manufacturing industry. This helped reinforce the name and logo of the company just the way the decision-makers wanted.


7. The call-to-action should always stand out

Making visitors come to your site, making them engage with it while they are there is one thing, but ensuring that they respond to your call-to-action is crucial too. Otherwise the very purpose of making so much effort to bring them to the site is defeated. Therefore, visibility of the call-to-action should always be enhanced by giving it the prominence it deserves.

8. When negative becomes positive

Using white space frequently makes sure that readers don’t miss any of the content. It stops them from becoming intimidated by a big, grey wall of text. Newspapers and advertising have used this to their advantage for decades.

9. Make it easy to choose

The call-to-action on a page should just not stand out — it must make, making a choice easy. Your website pages should not have more than a couple of options to click on. Your homepage, contact page, about page, and call-to-action are a winning combination of different choices that a user can make.

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