My Website Isn’t Bringing Customers. What to Do?

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Conversions make your website work. Even when everything else is rocking -traffic from SEO, social media marketing or even great word-of-mouth, your website will only be successful when conversions happen on a regular basis – which means that visitors who are coming to the site are successfully converted into customers.

But how will this be possible?

First, you have to keep in mind your primary objective: what exactly do you want your visitors to do? Sign up for a newsletter? Buy a product from an online store? Or sign up for a webinar. Whatever you want them to do; you can define your metrics through a back end system of your choice.

What is a ‘good’ conversion rate?

Most companies expect 2 to 3 percent of visitors to convert but that could change depending on the amount of commitment necessary for conversion. For instance, if the requirement for conversion is to buy a piece of jewelry for Rs.10, 000/-, it would obviously be far less as opposed to filling out a contact form.


Whatever the case may be for your low conversion rate, you can be sure that it is one of the reasons given below.

 1. Make it easy for visitors to convert

It could be that the visitors on your site are not getting enough inspiration to convert. Suppose you want them to fill up a contact details form, but because you have placed this form on the contact page, maybe visitors on your site aren’t seeing it upfront. Make it easy for them to convert by placing conversion opportunities all over the site. You can place a header or footer on every page, or better still, make a pop up come on when someone is on the page for more than 20 seconds.

 2. Your users are getting annoyed

Can it be that your visitors feel annoyed because of something on your site? Maybe they are prompted to leave before they can reach the conversion opportunities page. Does your site have an unusually high bounce rate? Start by conducting visitor surveys, try using heat maps. Analyze how and why your visitors are reacting by leaving your site. Find out whether they are reacting negatively to too many ads? Or to annoying aesthetics, or the complex navigation process? Remember, a warm intuitive design will make your visitors feel positive.

 3. Is your site overstuffed and causing distraction?

It won’t help even if you have placed your conversion opportunities on every page, when other factors like over stuffing of design and content are distracting visitors. Your strategy will backfire if you try to do too many things with your website – if you bombard them with information unnecessarily. Instead keep your layout clean with plenty of white space and put only what is most important on it. This will make them see what you actually want them to.

 4. Not enough value

Visitors don’t give you conversions for nothing. You have to offer them something appealing in return. At an ecommerce store, they pay money in exchange for a product of the same value. In case of form submissions, they give you information in return for something else. When a user feels that whatever value you are offering doesn’t match up to what you are asking for in return, they will not convert. It is better if you up the value of your offering so that users feel like converting.

 5. You are targeting the wrong people

Your content, your design, should all coordinate seamlessly in appealing to the right guy. It should never target everyone. You will lose out on conversions when you try to address one and sundry. Improper targeting can ruin your chances of earning a great conversion rate.  Also, over time, keep updating, as optimizing for conversions is not a one-time affair.

Find the time, effort and resources to make corrections to your site and start earning your share of traffic from inbound traffic.

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