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A Business Analyst?? No…Call Me a Product Builder.

Hello All, I am Tejaswini Nighojkar working as Business Analyst in IKF Pvt. Ltd.

The most common question that I have been asked, repetitively is – What does a Business Analyst (BA) do? Most of the people and colleagues are not aware of the role of a BA. So today I am going to share with you what interesting things a BA undergoes.

Let’s get started.

What is Business Analysis?

This is the process involving thorough research and analysis of a particular business to provide them a wide range of solutions, to optimize the business and attain more productivity in same or less time period. The person who handles these tasks effectively and provides the solutions to the client and to different companies is called as Business Analyst.

There are different areas in which BA’s works, the roles and responsibilities of a BA are vivid and challenging in current business environment. They are known by other names as well like system analysts, analysts, etc.

For example: An architect – he also has the same kind of roles and responsibilities as of a BA but the end product is different, the architect builds a place to live in, on the other hand a BA builds software for clients.

Now, let’s discuss BA’s role in important sectors;

1. BA in IT Sector

In IT segment, a BA plays very crucial role in different stages;

Skills Set required are as follows;

2. BA in the Financial Sector

In the financial domain, they are mostly known as business analyst or financial analyst. In financial analysis, the BA has to deal with a lot of financial data which determines the process of evaluating the business strategies. Ratios from this data are calculated and are compared with the previous data of the same company to measure the profit or loss that occurred. It can also be used to compare the data with competitors to understand and analyze their business strategies.

Skills set required are:

I hope you are now very much clear about the role of a business analyst plays in corporate sector. All I can say is BA is one of the flourishing careers which I’m enjoying every bit of it at IKF.

Interested to work as a business analyst with IKF? Drop us a mail at: careers@ikf.co.in