Why Digital Marketing is Necessary for SME’S

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As a professional in digital world my responsibility is to make a person or an organization aware about the continuous evolution happening over the digital space which can help business to explore the true potential of Digital Marketing.

Digital medium is growing exponentially from the way we buy to the way we eat. Not only the digital space but the platforms to access are growing in a rampant way and driving the purchase behaviour more complex. According to the research conducted, internet usage is increasing +11% Y/Y, which also leads to increase in Mobile usage @ 3 Hours/Day per user. This trend clearly shows how the technology is dominating our lifestyle.

As new platforms are evolving, opportunities to reach out the wider audience are also increasing. Social media & search engines have created substantially helpful marketing tools to any kind of enterprises, including Small, Medium and Large.

The below info-graphic published by KPCB help us to understand the Digital Marketing activities with the greatest commercial impact. As per the info – graphic content marketing is the most commercially acclaimed platform which usually contains blogs, forums, discussion, promoting thought leadership & the organizational values.


Content marketing is something that everyone is doing these days, but adopting the right kind of content strategy is important. What perception you would like to create in consumers mind will help us to craft & execute a strategy.

So what’s in it for SME’S?
As a digital evangelist, my responsibility is to help my client to make the right decision for the organization they work for. Going digital means unleashing the true marketing potential and thereby, increasing your corporate horizons. You can target any desired geography by employing accurate marketing strategy which will help your business reach out more customers, ultimately increasing the sales volume.

It’s a high time for SME’S to leave the traditional way of marketing & start exploring the new sphere of online marketing. Social media platforms gives us the freedom to target audience irrespective of their age, sex, interest, their online search behaviour, their locality, their income, kind of device they are using, etc. This makes targeting more precise as the right message goes to the right set of people or we can say relevant groups. Even though your brand is small, people would like to explore if you have implemented correct content strategy. However, we should keep in mind that the message to your prospected customers should be clear & to the point.

To sum up, digital marketing will keep changing with time and SME’S have to keep pace with it buy increasing and thereby, dominating their presence through website, social media, SEO & Paid Ads. A small digital innovation in your business can take your business to the new, high level.

Pokémon Go is the best example of phenomenal success; the makers cracked the need of virtual reality & made a game which will give user a unique experience on their digital devices. Brands are now starting to leverage the viral game by crafting their strategies & coming up with innovative ideas to attract people and for doing this digital marketing is the next best bet.