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Advanced Mobile SEO Techniques

The number of Smartphone usage is increasing worldwide and especially so in India. The number of mobile searches is growing exponentially. The future internet searches will predominantly take place on Smartphones and 95% of all searches are done using Google. Google has responded to this shift from desktop to mobile for SEO; by revamping their […]


How To Use Hashtags?

There has been a significant rise in the use of hashtags over the years. It used to be just a mere button on your phone before it transitioned into a symbol that is universally recognized as a social media tool used to communicate powerful messages. If you happen to notice, people use hashtags so that […]


4 Effective Strategies to Use Google AdWords

Devising smart and effective strategies for Google AdWords is the first step in being a high performer for your paid search success. A winning ad campaign is one that is: Detailed and methodically researched Monetary investment Clear strategy Strong business goals For the ad campaigns to work effectively you must strategize smart methods to gain […]


SEO for E-bay

It was the year 1995. Online stores were still new. Around the time, Pierre Omidyar, a computer programmer successfully made his first sale. An event that has made history since then.  He sold a broken laser pointer on his website AuctionWeb – but the significant part was that the product was bought by a person […]

A Lot Happened Over a Coffee at BNI

I want to share an elevating experience today as I took along my I Knowledge Factory core team to Business Networking International (BNI), Prosperity chapter Pune East meeting today morning for the very first time. Here my core team members got up early and readied themselves for the BNI meet. They were anxious about the […]

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