Anuroop Wiwaha

Established in 1975, Anuroop Wiwaha Sanstha was founded by Anjali Kanitkar to uplift the match-making experience in India and offer world-class matrimonial services. Soon after its inception, Mrs. Gauri Kantikar, the daughter of the famous Vasantrao 'Khauwale' Patankar, also got associated with this venture, working alongside her mother-in-law after being married into the family. With their newfound friendship and newly forged relationship, they strived hard together to build a platform that would allow Indian families to form eternal bonds and find the ideal match for their loved ones. With nearly 4 decades of a nationwide presence, Anuroop Wiwaha has lived up to its name, which translates to ‘ideal’, by facilitating an ideal matrimonial portal for crores of candidates. With over 75,000 successful marriages across communities, it would be apt to say that after heaven, the best matches happen on Anuroop Wiwaha Sanstha.And If you don't believe us, ask those 75,000 candidates who will agree to this.


The client wanted to create an instant 360-degree digital presence for various target audiences, and encourage the use of its web platform and mobile apps for a smooth match-making experience. Along with increasing online registrations and app downloads, it also wanted to focus on expanding its premium membership userbase.

The client wanted to capture the entire potential customer base for matrimonial websites through PPC Search, Display and Video ads. They wanted to generate a quality database of personal data by effectively prompting audiences for filling up online forms, along with increasing the number of app downloads. They also wanted to re-target visitors who visited specific pages on their website.

As a platform catering to multi-ethnic audiences, the client wanted to reach every possible region and onboard all potential customers. They wanted faster converts for free registrations by shortening the conversion funnel, along with generating more interest in their premium packages.


People are searching for marriage partners all over the nation. Our approach was to target every customer looking for services similar to what is offered by Anuroop Wiwaha Sanstha’s competitors, in various regions. We created a dynamic brand presence for a variety of audience segments, by mapping different buyer personas and building unique campaigns. Over the course of few initial months, we conducted in-depth research on market trends and competitor ad campaigns, that enabled us to crafta unique messaging strategy that struck a chord with all potential customers.

Here is our detailed approach;

We created separate audience segments as per various services [free & premium], and designed multiple campaigns for both to target cast-wise searches, as well as captureaudiences coming for competitor keywords. We also created remarketing campaignsfor targeting audiences who visited the landing page but did not register for the desired membership.

Along with that, we strategized a set of negative keywords to avoid unwanted clicks and gain more of relevant traffic. Also, we used generic keywords and caste-wise keywords for optimized targeting, along with creating callout extensions, lead generation form extensions, sitelink extensions and structured snippets for an effective engagement.

We developed some video ads to capture traffic from YouTube as well. These ads were well-optimized for various keywords and were created for all target groups. We used responsive ad templates in our search ads, for various Ad groups for improved performance. All video, text and image ads were conceptualized and designed using a specific theme, pertaining to the target group.


The match-making platform witnessed a tremendous rise in new users in all categories [Free & Premium], with candidates hailing from a plethora of different regions.

One of our primary goals was continuous improvement and optimization of the ad campaigns.

We constantly adapted to latest trends in search results and user mentality, to enhance ad reach and sustain a viable CTR. With this, we saw a steady increase in our CTR, conversion rate & Free membership conversions every month, with the final results as shown below.

Here are the facts and figures we achieved.

  1. Achieved 8,80,339 traffic to the website through Google Ads.
  2. After starting free registration for all caste & states there was 139.31% increase in all conversion from March’19.
  3. 82,561+ Conversions, 13,204+ Free registration, 67,099+ App Downloads
  4. Achieved conversion rate of 17.03% for search campaign.
  5. Achieved 10.77% CTR for Search Campaign.
  6. Achieved 15.96% Conversion Rate for Display Campaign.
  7. 566,542 Total views achieved for YouTube Video Campaign.
  8. 1,400,490 Total Views achieved for App Download Campaign.

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