We designed the website of a premium Australian brand, Breathmor!

our client - breathmor


Breathmor is a brand new nasal spray brand that has been patented and clinically approved in Australia. It is devoid of any corticosteroids or antihistamines, and has the ability to improve the overall quality of life of an individual. The most distinguishable feature about this product is that it has proven to be non-drowsy hence it is work-safe and will not impede your productivity. This product is backed by strong science, safety and reliable evidence.


The trickiest part about this project was that the client and their product were completely new to this arena and we had the huge task of building brand equity for them through our website designing skills. Furthermore, another rather substantial challenge for us was that the client wanted a customized content strategy for an engaging brand story.



When Breathmor came to us they were quite certain about one particular thing and it was that they did not want their website to look like other mainstream medical websites. They wanted an out-of-the-box theme and design for their website so as to gain an edge above their competitors. Other than that they provided us with additional details like product specifications and uses, competitors list, etc.


While designing the website our team thought from the perception of the target audience, we wanted to capitalize on the easy availability of this product in Australia and its varied benefits to the recipients. Our team highlighted all the important aspects of the product in an innovative manner. Furthermore, we also provided Breathmor with a user-friendly, easy to navigate and an all device compatible website that has enhanced their ROI rates.



The final website that was presented by our web-design team was very well received by the clients and audiences alike. It reflected all of their requirements; it had an extraordinary design that was way better than their competitors, it was mobile friendly, had a better site architecture and was easy to navigate. The new website built by our team effectively generated potential leads for the client.


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