Discover how our team revamped Carbtools's website and redefine their online identity.


Carbtools Ind. Pvt Ltd. started out as a family-owned business in 1974 and now the reins have been taken over by second-generation successors. Over time, this organization has earned an illustrious and widespread reputation for all the right reasons. The products manufactured by them encompass unsurpassable quality and reliability. Carbtools holds special expertise in manufacturing solid carbide and carbide lugged tools. They are global exporters and have supplied to countries such as Singapore, Srilanka, etc.


Carbtools had been a major player in the manufacturing industry for more than three decades, however, they wanted to tap into the online market to increase their potential leads. The organization wanted to gain an edge above the competitors by harnessing the incomparable quality of their products and rebuilding their website to showcase them.



When Carbtools came to us, they had one thing really clear in their mind and it was that they wanted a website that showcased their varied range of products. An additional thing that they were really particular about was that they wanted a sleek design to entice clients to their website. Apart from the above mentioned they gave us tidbits about their business and also provided us with an insight into their clients and target audience.


After assessing all the information our web-design team got together, brainstormed and came up with a website design that reflected all of the client’s requirements. We added some novel features that highlighted their precision and their accurate aptitude of work when it came to cutting tools. Our team built a brand-new mobile responsive, user-friendly website that has now become a lead-generation engine for Carbtools.


The new website built by us was exactly in alignment with the client’s requirements; it showcased the products quite effectively. Apart from that, the site had minimal load time, was mobile responsive and also had cross browser compatibility. After the website was launched, the visits increased considerably and even the lead generation counts hit the roof.


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