Cian Health Care Pvt. Ltd. is a premier suppliers of a wide range of pharmaceutical drugs. Driven by passion and curiosity for science, the company manufactures safe, effective, and affordable products such as capsules, soft gels, tablets, ointments, and syrups. The company has been successful in widening its reach in over 32 countries and aspires to spread its roots further in the international market.


Cian engaged our help to build brand awareness and bolster its associations in the minds of its target audiences. They wanted us to draw attention to their value propositions, which are its manufacturing strength and innovative capabilities backed by a research-driven process. As Cian is dedicated to finding new ways to enhance and extend people’s lives, our brief was to focus on how its innovative products can help eradicate diseases and health issues. In addition to this, Cian wanted us to generate enquiries for their export and franchise business models.


Our team came up with a dual approach for Cian in which the social media presence along with MD Suraj Zanwar's LinkedIn profile was to be leveraged to create conversations. There were two clear objectives before us: - branding and generating enquiries. To achieve them, we began by laying stress on the Pharma areas where Cian has gained grounds, its business models, and its brands. Mr Suraj Zanwar's profile was used to connect him with like-minded and existing stakeholders to strengthen and build relationships.

12 K

Page Likes

23 K

Engaged Users

1 K

LinkedIn Connection Increased

100 K


These results were achieved in a span of 2 months.

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