EcoPro is a product of the Sahyadri Group of Industries Ltd. - a pioneer in building solutions and an ISO 9001, EMS 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001 Certified Company, listed on the BSE, SIL offers a complete range of products for Interior & Exterior Building Systems & Roofing solutions. EcoPro Fibre Cement Board is uniquely positioned as an eco-friendly product manufactured using green materials and following environmentally friendly practices. These boards are highly versatile and can be applied in almost any part of the building from roofs, walls, claddings, flooring, ceilings, tiles and also the furniture.


The client wanted to create awareness about the superiority and advantages of EcoPro Fibre cement boards over other materials of similar applications. Theywanted to maximize their presence online using various SEO optimization techniques and Social Media platforms.They wanted to attract maximum traffic organically and contribute to their ROI.They hoped to rank their keywords on top on the SERPs to improve their web traffic, stimulate lead generation and facilitate conversions.

IKF’s Approach

EcoPro fibre cement board being a unique product had very few references to look up. The challenge we faced was that few keywords were of very high search volume while few others were very generic - both of which are rather difficult to rank. After thorough keyword research and competitor analysis, we came up with a list of high search volume keywords for EcoPro Fibre cement boards. Using these keywords on our website, blogs and meta descriptions, we improved the keyword ranking. Apart from writing new blogs around optimized keywords, we also revisited old blogs and added new keywords to improve density and eventually help keyword ranking. After conducting a detailed website audit and web health analysis, we suggested strategic changes to be made to the website content. Our amendments made the website more SEO friendly and easily visible to Google crawlers which helped push their rank higher. We also carried certain changes in the UI/UX of the blog pages to increase readability, build user interest and decrease bounce rate. We interlinked critical pages to each other resulting in increased session time and page views. We also suggested schema markups. Another crucial action we took was to make positive changes to the Google business listing of EcoPro.We have also done off-page activities like social bookmarking, image submissions,web 2.0 and Quora answers posting which helped us generate a lot of backlinks and eventually improve our ranking.


Within 9 months, we were successfully able to increase EcoPro’s website page views by a whopping 262.20%. The organic traffic saw an increase of an astounding 343.28%. The total number of new users also increased by a substantial 351.23% while the sessions were also increased by 285.44%. In addition to this, 60% keywords ranked in top 10 of Google SERP.

They’ve provided detailed advice about how SEO works and show measurable growth SEO brings to our company.


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