More and more people are turning towards products that can help them in doing their part for the environment and we think that EcoPro should be at the top of that list. The modern construction industry is flooded with various kinds of products but rarely would you find such a comprehensive product like EcoPro Fibre cement that can be utilized for diverse purposes. This remarkable invention is lightweight, contains No VOC/ No Formaldehyde and is A1 non combustible and a weather proof building board. It is a proven, innovative and multi-utility building material that offers structural reliability and eye-pleasing aesthetics at the same time. EcoPro boards are manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of cement, Pozzolana, superior grade of cellulose Fibre and binders of a siliceous base.These boards can be effectively employed as wall partitions, false ceilings, pre-fab structures, fins, frames, wood design planks, mezzanine flooring and much more. In terms of utility they are not restricted to a particular set-up - commercial, residential, educational institutes, public utility, and hospitality all kinds of spaces can benefit from this product.


EcoProworks on the principle of a sustainable future with its multi-use eco-friendly Fibre Cement Sheets. Along with marketing,the client also wanted to create awareness about the product and its several benefits to the construction without harming the environment. They wanted to use social media to showcase the premium quality of the product while maintaining the USP of being environmentally effective. Creatives needed to show the variety of applications of EcoPro. The client also wanted us to show the raw product with its benefits.


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were used as primary platforms for the business. Creatives were designed keeping the brand’s premium quality and guidelines in mind. The products were complemented with equally elite ad copies giving an exclusive appeal to the creative. The effort was to bring out the designs and application of the Fibre cement boards. The manufacturing site visit helped us know more about the product and manufacturing process which helped us to understand how we can replicate the product to our designs. We also focused on showcasing the real time exhibitions and events happening all over. We also highlighted the EcoPro projects according to the categories they fall into, for example Commercial, Residential, Public Projects etc.Here are a few of our campaigns:

Social Media

The campaign was about the different type of textures that could be created with EcoPro Fibre cement boards. The motto of this campaign was to show how flexible the product is to convert it to the texture you desire.


In a span of just 6 months, our Facebook Page Like increased by 5600,our user engagement crossed a figure of 54,000 and our average post reach was around 14,000.

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