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FBP International ('FBP') in association with Australian and Canadian Immigration Lawyers, Migration Agents and other Senior Business Consultants provides Australian and Canadian Immigration Services. Having its Head Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates ('UAE'), FBP has 30 years of cumulative migration consultancy experience and is a leading provider of migration and settlement solutions.


Being in the immigration business since the last several years, the client was looking for legitimate interested folks who desired to work and settle abroad in Australia and Canada. For that, they wanted to tap the right set of audiences using Google ads and by advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They also wanted their ads to be displayed on pages of websites with relevant content and proper placement. They particularly wanted to target the working professionals in Dubai looking to migrate Australia and Canada

IKF’s Approach

Firstly, we started with building apt landing pages for the leads redirected from campaigns. We created various sets of audiences based on their work profile, work experience, industry and educational background. For instance, we chose a work profile as Cook/Chefs, IT professional, Any Engineer, Any Accountant, Managerial Position: Custom Service manager, General Manager etc. with work experience of around 4 years and an age group of 29 to 30 years. The client only wanted relevant leads who could cut through the criteria to settle abroad. We created proper theme-based text ads and banner ads to suit our brand campaign. We devised a keyword strategy that would be an optimum blend of Brand keywords, Generic Keywords and Competitor keywords and coupled the ads with additional elements such as call extensions, Site Link extensions, structured snippets, etc.For Facebook & Instagram too, we sticked to theme-based advertising to maintain brand consistency. We came up with several offers and discounts to further make our Ad campaigns appealing and reachable to the interested lot. For the lost customers who had filled the enquiry form but had not visited the landing page, we created remarketing campaigns thereby maintaining a tight leash.


In only 10 months, using our strategies, we were able to achieve a whopping number of 2000+ leads with a conversion rate of 10.67%. A total of 38.50% leads were achieved through the combination of Facebook and Instagram alone while 63% leads were garnered through Google ads.

They’ve provided detailed advice about how SEO works and show measurable growth SEO brings to our company.


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