IKF’s specialist team offered an insightful lesson in effective SEO for IIMS Pune.

SEO campaign achieves a 30.44% growth in organic search traffic. The average session duration increased by 70.52% and bounce rate decreased by 9.9% in just 1 month.


IIMS Pune is an award-winning private B school offering business programmes to nurture students in an environment that is rich in entrepreneurial spirit and practical knowledge. IIMS Pune teaches across International Business, Human Resources, IT, Retail, and finance. The institute prides itself on offering industry relevant management training and professional milieu that fosters the development of future entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Our brief was to create an SEO strategy that will help secure IIMS Pune a top spot on Google.co.in. They wanted us to leverage our technical SEO skills to get their website rank for highly competitive education industry targeted keywords, build brand awareness, and increase their visibility on the SERPs.


Our team reviewed the client's website to identify elements/discrepancies that were hindering performance and user experience. Based on the findings, requisite changes were made so that the website performed optimally.

Page load time is a crucial website performance metric and efforts were taken to make sure that audiences who visited IIMS Pune's website had a lag-free and seamless user experience. Technicalities including minifying JS and JSS and optimizing images were taken care of. In addition to this, we also transferred the server to Linux from Windows to boost website loading time.

Our primary objective was to make IIMS Pune's website SEO-friendly. To do that, we strategically interspersed high search volume keywords to boost conversions and ranking. To further bolster our SEO efforts and reap security benefits, we employed the HTTPS protocol.

Organic Traffic

Increased by

Page Views

Increased by

Page Load Time

Reduced from
22.4 secs to 4.8 secs


Our SEO initiatives starting bearing significant results right after a month we implemented them. Before SEO, 2 out of 15 keywords ranked in top 10 while 1 keyword ranked in 11-20. After just one month of SEO activity 4 keywords ranked in top 10 and 7 keywords ranked in 11-20. We were also successful in pushing the ranking for keyword phrase ‘MBA colleges in Pune', which had a very high search volume (around 10,000) to 29 from 91. Furthermore, our SEO strategy enhanced organic traffic by 30.44%. Significant difference was marked in page load time as it reduced from 22.4 seconds to 4.8 seconds. The average session duration increased by 70.52% and bounce rate decreased by 9.9%.

They’ve provided detailed advice about how SEO works and show measurable growth SEO brings to our company.


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