John Deere

URL: https://www.deere.co.uk/en/

About Client: https://www.deere.co.uk/en/our-company/about-john-deere/

John Deere is a pioneer in forestry, construction and farming machinery. Born in the USA in 1837 as Deere & Company, John Deere started off by manufacturing steel plow, and quickly established itself as one of the industry leaders in machinery and accessory manufacturing for all commercial and residential applications. Quickly after its inception, John Deere expanded its presence across continents, starting its UK operations in the early 1960s. Today, John Deere operates in over 19 countries with around 1900 employees worldwide. John Deere launched as a tractor manufacturer in India over 20 years ago, with Pune being one of its very first plant locations. It slowly went on with the introduction of more advanced product features such as power steering, oil immersed disk brakes, planetary reduction, force feed lubrication and high torque machines. It was the first company to introduce these features in India and they have now been adopted as industry standards.


John Deere mainly wanted to increase visibility for their UK portal and build awareness about the type of equipment and products they sell on that portal. They wanted to build visibility for various product categories with the use of specific keywords, and increase ranking for those keywords in SERP.

Along with that, John Deere wanted to educate its target audiences about the use of its various products and accessories like landscaping equipment, lawn mowers, gators, scarifiers, turf mowers, aerators, forestry equipment and agricultural equipment. This was to be done using dedicated content strategies that were in sync with the keyword strategy.

They wanted to make their customers aware about their dealership network across country (UK and Ireland).

Targeted Geo location/country: UK

IKF’s Approach

We faced a major challenge in this project, as we did not have backend access of the website. Therefore, we had to simultaneously coordinate with UK (website development) team for all on-page activities. We also couldn't upload blogs on the website so we focused completely on article submission.

We started off with the website optimization. Our SEO and development team worked together to formulate an optimization strategy at a technical level. We presented a complete step-by-step action plan for improving the website’s SEO performance on all fronts using various measures and techniques. We offered the following measures in our plan of action; Optimization of Robots.txt, www redirections, page URLS and Google my business listing. Along with that, we included improvements in Alt Tags, Meta data, header tags and internal broken links. Apart from these measures, we devised a plan to upgrade the UI/UX of the website and design an industry specific schema, along with redesigning the page Footers.

Once the plan was approved, we started work on it and also began with the content development. We developed on-page content for John Deere that covered various categories of its machinery expertise. Every content piece was developed based on extensive product research and market trends, pertaining to the specific category (agriculture, construction or forestry) and the keywords targeted. We made use of generic high-level keywords and product specific keywords for each content piece.

For this project, we made use of Adobe analytics instead of Google analytics for data aggregation. We made interesting discoveries about the platform and found many beneficial features relevant to the project.


Keywords Ranking:
After extensive SEO campaigning and conducting proper analysis, we achieved significant improvements in the keywords ranking. There was a 60% increase the number of keywords for which John Deere content was ranking in the top slots, with 4.35% increase in keywords ranking in 11-50 ranks and a significant decrease in keywords not ranking in top 100 results by 50%.

They’ve provided detailed advice about how SEO works and show measurable growth SEO brings to our company.


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