LEAPTOR is a leading manufacturer of premise entry management and security solutions for the modern society. It is a pioneer in cutting-edge barrier designs and advanced biometric access systems that help secure all kinds private and public premises. They offer a versatile range of products that serve as a benchmark in the entry control solutions landscape.

LEAPTOR is a registered entity owned by Avian Innovations Technology Pvt. Ltd. who has been a market leader in high-end automatic gates and barriers for more than three decades. It has successfully acquired over 500 national and international brands, and executed more than 10000 projects so far. Their success model is driven with the best industry practices in terms of quality, customer service and innovation.LEAPTOR offers a multitude of physical access systems like turnstile gates, boom barriers, swing barriers and flap barriers.


Being a market leader in entry access systems, LEAPTOR wanted to convey the message about their product performance and quality, in a very direct and concise manner. They wanted every aspect of their product to framed as a unique message and garner maximum interest from every ad. They also wanted to diversify their audience set as much as possible and create sub-campaigns for each in order to increase the reach and generate more leads.

The audiences were categorized as;

Job Title Based: People who are top-level executives and decision makers likebusiness owners, Chief procurement officers, Owner/Manager/CEO, Founders and Directors.

Businesses: This target group comprises of businesses that offer technological solutions which use products like LEAPTOR’s, in their offerings: Anti-theft systems, home security services, motion detection systems, home automation, controlled-access highway, surveillance systems and safety systems.

Government Bodies: Indian Air Force, Judiciary, University, Nursery, School/University, Indian Defense, Exhibition, Courtyard, Army, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, Warehouse, Indian Army, The Police and Indian Navy.

Along with a strong PPC campaign for instant lead generation, they also wanted to engage with potential tech-savvy consumers on Facebook.


We started off by segmenting our campaign planning and strategy as per the various audience groups. Along with that, we created specific buyer personas and customer funnels, to plan and execute each step meticulously.

Our main agenda was to capture any search inquiry coming in for ‘Physical Access System’ and direct that visitor to fill in an inquiry form. We created dedicated landing pages for various products, directing all target groups into the website ecosystem and prompt them to explore further. We also created a dedicated brochure for their Motor-only products, which was hosted on the Google Drive. So, Motor customers were directed directly towards the G-drive link. Our remarketing campaigns were restricted to only those who did not fill up the form on website, in order to increase new inquiries from avid social media users and avoid any redundant data.

We created full-fledged concept ads using various templates and styles, to capture audiences of respective persona and product interest. All our PPC ads were designed using specialized themes, pertaining to the type of message conveyed [USP of the product] and the type of audience groups served. Text, banner and video ads were implemented for all groups& used proper conversion attribution model to track and measure the performance.

Along with customizing campaigns for various groups, we also optimized existing campaigns for various regions across the country [north, south, east and west], as per product demand discovered in our research. We also optimized our campaigns as per various state classes [tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3]. This helped us identify underlying demand in variousareas, which was not available in conventional market research, thus creating new pools of leads for the client.


Along with increasing relevant and fresh leads, we successfully established a bigger brand presence and created a community following on Facebook.

Fact and Figures;

  1. Achieved 32,999 traffic, 2,287 Leads form submissions through Facebook Ads.
  2. Almost 44% Of these leads received showed interest in products for purchase.
  3. After splitting location in zones & Starting Lookalike audience there was 112.55% increase in all conversion from March'20.
  4. Achieved overall conversion rate of 5.18%.
  5. Achieved overall CTR of 6.0%
  6. Achieved overall reach of 1,831,033.
  7. Achieved 125.40% (Facebook) Increased leads Month over Month.

They’ve provided detailed advice about how SEO works and show measurable growth SEO brings to our company.


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