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MB Ashtekar

Synonymous with superlative craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics, M.B. Ashtekar is an iconic jewellery brand with a legacy of 80 years. Jewellery pieces designed by the brand are as much wearable art as they are personal ornaments. For today's connoisseur of fine jewellery, M.B. Ashtekar represents the artistry of time-honoured tradition and exceptional designs. The brand's creative philosophy, rich history, and unrivalled customer service make it a go-to destination for those who don't just want to own jewellery but veritable heirloom pieces that are full of meaning and emotions.


MB Ashtekar’s relentless passion for crafting the unique needed an incredible storyline whilst ensuring that the brand's traditional roots remained in focus even though our efforts were to be centred around appealing the modern audiences. The brand wished to attach with its jewellery the feeling of exclusiveness and pride in owning their designs. As a digital agency, it was on us to design a distinctive identity using social media marketing tools, that are both cost-effective and audience-engaging.


As M.B. Ashtekar is an iconic brand rooted in tradition, our brief was to position it as a jewellery maker that despite its contemporary designs, meets the creative visions of the modern-day customer. The core purpose of our social media strategy was to ensure that the creatives, which were designed to reflect the brand's traditional side, didn't lose their connection with the modern audiences. Apart from product-centric posts, our creatives basket also comprised engaging contests, trivia, et al. Posts focused on jewels were supported by trending as well as branded hashtags to create awareness and extend the reach of the campaigns. While the social media campaigns were designed to fit in with the brand's narrative of tradition and elegance, we injected a contemporary vibe through the copies and artworks to make them relatable and relevant to the modern audiences. Our consumer-centric strategy was successful in bolstering customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Social Media

This campaign showcased brides and their jewellery in the most unique way possible.

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