IKF achieves impressive for a premier institute offering specialized courses to those aspiring to kickstart their startups.

Our continued SEO efforts lead to a 53.60% jump in organic sessions, a 30.50% increase in organic visitors and a 70.94% growth in organic page views.


MIDAS is a Pune-based institute that aims to equip individuals who want to launch their startup. The institute offers courses that are designed to teach budding entrepreneurs and individuals with family business the requisite skills and mindset to become successful.


MIDAS reached out to IKF to create an SEO strategy that would increase their visibility, organic traffic, and brand awareness on Google.co.in. They wanted us to leverage our technical SEO skills to get their website rank for highly competitive education industry targeted keywords and increase their ranking of targeted keywords on the SERPs. Another important goal for us was to create awareness about their one-of-its-kind PGDM for entrepreneurs.


Our SEO specialists started off by examining the client's website from a UI/UX standpoint to see if there were any issues with the content, visuals, loading time, etc. that could be hindering the performance of its website and increasing its bounce rate.

As page load time is a key website performance metric, our team set its sight on providing the visitors with a lag-free and smooth user experience. Furthermore, JS and JSS were minified and images were optimized to speed up the website.

Our team conducted in-depth research on high search volume keywords so that they could be used strategically on the landing pages to boost their rankability. Moreover, HTML structure and Google My Business were optimized to improve organic visibility and traffic. Relevant changes were implemented to make the website mobile-friendly.

Organic Traffic

Increased by

Page Views

Increased by

Bounce Rate

Decrease by


As much as we are devoted to meeting our client's expectations, we also like to see beaming smiles on their faces by exceeding their expectations and with MIDAS, we are glad that we could do it! Our SEO initiatives gave the client's website the much-needed push to trump their competitors. There was a 30.50% increase in organic visitors and a 70.94% growth in organic page views.

The implemented UI/UX changes in the website marked a 53.60% increase in organic sessions. As a result of our continued SEO efforts, 23.07% keywords ranked in the top 10, 23.07% in the top 20, 30% keywords in the top 50. We were successful in pushing MIDAS to appear in Featured Snippet for queries related to 'PGDM in Entrepreneurship'. It also shows in the top results when users ask for "PGDM in Entrepreneurship" to Google assistant.

They’ve provided detailed advice about how SEO works and show measurable growth SEO brings to our company.


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