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Praj started out as an entrepreneurial venture almost thirty years ago and today it has developed to be recognized as India’s most successful company in the field of bio-based technologies and engineering with a global outreach. Praj is a global leader in providing solutions for bio-energy, high purity water critical process equipment, breweries and industrial wastewater treatment.


One of the primary challenges with this project was that our team had to envision and craft a brand new website for Praj as the earlier website was not up to the industry standards. The client wanted to refresh the brand image and hence we were asked to enhance the overall content strategy, navigation and site architecture.


Praj gave us an in-depth brief about their business and also shed light on how they wanted the new website to unfold. They conveyed that their main motive of building a new website was lead generation. Apart from that they made available for us information regarding their products, competitors list, history of their business and their clientele list.


Our team came up with an innovative website design idea for Praj that encompassed all of their requirements. We put our content team to work and completely revamped the content on the site, made notable changes to the site architecture and navigation. Apart from these, our team successfully implemented a fully responsive, user-friendly and easily manageable website.



The most notable results that we were able to achieve for Praj was that we successfully built a website that was completely safe from malicious cyber attacks. Apart from that, the site had minimal load time, was mobile responsive and also had cross browser compatibility. After the website was launched, the visits increased and bounce rates decreased considerably and even the lead generation counts hit the roof.


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