Purotein is a chocolate-flavoured, vegetarian health drink for growing kids from Venky's. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, Purotein is a great source of energy for kids. In addition to energizing kids, Purotein also enhances physical growth in kids by helping in muscle growth, building immunity, and supporting their overall well-being.


Purotein, coming from the house of Venky’s India, is a new player in the Health & Drinks Industry. They were looking for an integrated approach that would leverage brand recall and awareness among their TG which included mothers of children in the age group of 4 years and above.


Social presence was created and a series of campaign were planned which would hype Purotein as the new entrant in the health segment. Campaigns were focused on the mother-child duo and their relationship carefully incorporating Purotein.

Social Media


This campaign was especially designed for the Navratri season, keeping in mind that Navratri is synonymous with the destruction of evils in the world. The campaign had a total of 9 posts for each day where some of the common bad habits of children (like video-game addiction, eating junk food, etc.) were listed down in creative images with the hashtag, This Navratri #BeatTheEvils #BeatTheBadHabits with Purotein. But it didn’t end with this hashtag, each image had a caption with a solution of how mothers can tackle these habits of their kids.

The idea was to show how kids are very passionate at a very early age of their childhood and parents should encourage their spirits. Each creative had a kid featuring what they want to become when they grow up. For e.g. I want to become a Doctor.

This campaign was a display of some of the benefits of Purotein wherein some famous Bollywood dialogues were incorporated to make the creative interesting and fun.

This was a GIF story-based campaign featuring a young boy named Pinakin. The story starts with how Pinakin, a poster child for lazy, junk food craving generation is whiling away his time. The series ends with Pinakin dreaming of becoming a healthier boy just like his favourite superhero, Ponton and getting into the habit of drinking Purotein, making his mother sigh with relief. The hashtag conceived for the campaign was #AbFikarNahi.

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