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Client Profile

Best Migration Services (BMS) is an international legal services company with 30 years of cumulative migration consultancy experience. Having started with Australia, it now has offices in seven countries, across three continents. BMS is an international leading provider of migration solutions for temporary or permanent migration to Australia from UAE. They cater across various types of visa services – General skilled visa to Australian Visitor Visa among others.

The Task Points

  1. Generate relevant online conversions & phone calls
  2. Provide fine understanding to the people who are visiting landing page
  3. Create awareness about special festival offers
  1. Generate High Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Increase the number of unique visitors to website
  3. Improve the ad rank to a number one position

We Braved Through & Found Out

We Braved Through & Found Out
  • Run exceptionally complex, highly-targeted & low conversion campaign.
  • In previous campaign, a lot of people were viewing the ads, but very few clicked on them.
  • Give correct information through ads & get relevant customer to click on it.
  • Increase ad ranking in Google Adwords.
  • Generate quality leads.
  • Increase in traffic to its website.
  • Constant improvement and optimization.

Our Goal Setting Plan

  • Create relevant Landing Page with relevant website banner & content on it.
  • A meticulous form structure for customer (we requested enough information from the user to qualify them as a valid lead).
  • To target precise audience, we used a set of negative keywords.
  • The account was split into meaningful campaigns & relevant Ad Groups were built within each campaign.
  • To reach out to the people who have already visited client site (Remarketing Campaign)
  • Use of General keywords, Call extensions, Site link extension, structured snippet etc.

Our Results Speak. Bravo!

  • 14.95% Visitors who saw the BMS Ads converted at a conversion rate.
  • 40% Lift in conversions rate through retargeting campaigns.
  • RS 509.18 Achieved Cheaper CPA
  • 2000+ Conversions till date

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