• Gyansarovar – Crafting a Robust Web Application
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Gyansarovar, e-library of Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC)
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Web Application
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Tata Group Companies

Client Profile

Gyansarovar is one of the finest management libraries in India. It is an important arm of the Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC), and the library showcases managerial books ranging from Organizational Psychology to Leadership Development, Human Resources, Strategy and Innovation, Marketing, Finance and Corporate Governance, among many others.

Gyansarovar has collected works over 14,000 titles, subscribes to 25 specialist Indian and international journals & popular magazines. Gyansarovar comprises of a library system that can be accessed over the web by employees of Tata group of companies. Employees can request for physical books as well as e-books. The delivery of the book takes place by courier. TMTC has a standard process and resources for the courier operations.

The Task Points

  • Elimination of manual work flow and introduce total automation in the system.
  • Create an Internal Users authorization work flow.
  • Gyansarovar application will accept the book request from all the TATA Group companies.
  • Book issuing activity of Training Participants would be maintained manually.
  • Craft a year-wise report generation system for management review.
  • Build an easy record maintenance for users, books comprising of CD’s, magazines, e-books, and subscription.

We Braved Through & Found Out

  • The rationale for the Gyansarovar comes from the previous experience with a library system called Libsys that has been in active use since last three years at TMTC.
  • Only specific percentages (about 75%) of its features were useful.
  • Over the years, it has increasingly become a bottleneck for the kind of workflows that are desirable today.
  • Over the years, it has increasingly become a bottleneck for the kind of workflows that are desirable today.

Our Goal Setting Plan

  • Gyansarovar is intended to be a fresh Web Application to cater to the library of physical books and other reading material.
  • Some features of the Gyansarovar were very specific to the TMTC requirements.
  • We took note of their requirements through numerous sessions.
  • Provided a work flow which met their requirements.

Our Results Speak. Bravo!

  • The user experience is now excellent across all devices.
  • User-friendly flow for admin as well as the end users.
  • Improved UI designing of the web application.
  • Robust functionality of the web application.
  • Additional number of features to make it more user-friendly.

Features of Gyansarovar

  • Admin End
  • User End
  • Log into & Log out of the system
  • Self-register as the user for the system
  • Request a book
  • Generate User Account Authorization request
  • Authorize or reject User Account request
  • Block the transaction for a book request
  • Issue the book
  • Conclude Book Transaction
  • Send SMS acknowledgment
  • Send an E-mail acknowledgment
  • Search for a book
  • Send auto-reminder E-mail
  • Configure System Parameters – SMS & E-mail APIs
  • Block & Unblock user
  • Update Profile
  • Search User & List Users – (filter by: Internal or External)
  • Forgot password
  • Add Tata Company to the system
Search Functionality
Search Functionality
Enquiry to the Librarian
Enquiry to the Librarian
Authorization Screen
Authorization Screen
Cataloguing (Add Media)
Cataloguing (Add Media)
Set Up (Email API)
Set Up (Email API)
Transaction Report
Transaction Report
  • Self-register as a user for the system and Edit the profile.
  • Search for a book.
  • Search books by category like ‘Economics’’, ’Finance’, ’Corporate Governance’, ’General Management’, ’HR’, ’Leadership and Organization’, ’Markets & Customers’, ’’Operation Management”, “Project Management”, “Strategy & Innovation”, “Training & Development”
  • Request for a book
  • Add books to ‘My favorites’
  • Refer books to friends
  • Write reviews about books
  • View reviews of books
  • View description of books.
  • Track transactions
  • Download E-Books
  • Ask queries to the Librarians
Dashboard page
Dashboard page

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