IKF is an authorized Google partner based in Pune, India and are specialized in providing Google AdWords services. We are online professionals, marketers and specialists which are trained and certified by Google. We have earned a Google Partner badge by passing the Google AdWords product certification exams and are always upgraded with the latest product knowledge.

We provide our clients with cost-effective and 100% assured results. We have a dedicated team of Google Engineers who manage your online presence and ensure to get the relevant online traffic for your brand which will further generate leads.

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I Knowledge Factory Pvt Ltd. is a firm which specializes in 360 degrees Digital Marketing and Brandvertising (Brand Lifter + Advertising). Our main aim is to grow your business and make it BIG. We would like to showcase your brand not only locally but also globally. IKF believes in bestowing upon the best talent who are tech geeks, designers, innovators, trendsetters, story makers as well as tellers for the best brand led activities in the country and the globe.

Services provided by us under digital marketing are:

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