10 Powerful Digital Marketing Ideas to boost traffic in 2020

As they say, the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing! Nowadays, we are living in an advanced technological driven world & digital marketing is a vital cog in the marketing machine. The competition is so tough today that it works on eat or be eaten principle! In my experience as […]

Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Company in India for Your Brand

So, you want to choose best digital marketing company in India. Well, every business does! Choosing the right digital marketing company for your business is a big task at hand! You see, digital is a vast expanse of an industry. There are thousands of agencies claiming to be the best […]

Thinking of Building a Website in 2020? Here’s Your To-Do List of Six

Building a website in India in the year 2020 has become a much faster process than it traditionally used to be. Anybody with a little bit of technical knowledge and understanding can create their own website in a matter of minutes. With all the online web building tools available at […]

5 content marketing tips for small businesses

Digital marketing may seem like an extravagant expense for many small business owners. But with content marketing, that doesn’t have to be the case! As a leading digital marketing agency in Pune, we believe that content marketing is on a rise to become an industry in itself and there is […]

5 Tips to Run Effective App Store Optimization Campaigns

App store optimization (ASO) is basically search engine optimization for apps. Now a days, apps have become an important touch-point for audiences, as they are an extension of your brand’s experience to the customer. As a leading digital marketing company in Mumbai, we believe that businesses should give equal importance […]

Factors to Mind While Building a Mobile Responsive Website

A responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on. This should not even be an option when developing a website because certainly, mobile users are at par and ever-growing in number as compared to desktop users. It takes only a whim to unlock your phones and […]

Should You Still Be Doing SEO in 2020?

The first position in Google captures around 32% of search traffic, the second position captures around 16% while the 10th position still gathers 2%. That means, in an average monthly search of 550,000, the highest position has the potential to gather traffic of 176,000 which is a lot! But we […]

Changing Mindset of Digital Marketers Post Unlock 2.0

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a highly conducive environment for digital marketing to thrive across industries. But more importantly, it has led to a fundamental shift in the mindset of marketers, as to how they used to approach things before the pandemic and how things are being approached now. As […]

5 Compelling Reasons For Small Businesses To Invest in PPC Advertising

PPC advertising has always been associated with humungous expenditures, as every activity involved in it is paid. It’s true that you need to allocate separate budgets for PPC ads, but it’s not necessary that you have to spend a bomb. There are a lot of parameters that help you create […]

Debunking SEO Myths That are Stopping You From Winning!

SEO can be a complex maze for many beginners as well many experienced professionals. It is an area of digital marketing that evolves and grows faster than any other segment. It is really important to stay on the pulse with the latest updates, trends and features that are being rolled […]

Importance of Audio Content in Digital Marketing

When we think of digital marketing campaigns, we instantly relate them with witty text ads, powerful banners and images, and eye-catching video ads. Where does audio fit into all of this? It’s one of the oldest mediums of advertising and is now fast becoming an integral part of digital advertising. […]

Rebranding Your Business With Digital Marketing During Covid-19

As the pandemic coursed through its path, your business has been efficiently adapting to various changes and anomalies. You created different strategies for reaching out to clients, a different pricing model or may be a relaxed policy for added services. As an SEO company in Mumbai , we believe that […]

5 Reasons Not to Stop SEO During The COVID-19 Pandemic

When the entire world is in a state of lockdown and markets are operating at a record slow pace, it’s difficult for one to even consider marketing products or services at such a time. As an SEO company in India, we believe that business owners need to devise a holistic […]

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Use for the Post Covid-19 Future

As we coursed through the COVID-19 Pandemic, it became more and more evident that digital marketing is indeed the way forward for most industries. As a leading digital marketing company in India, we believe the lockdown gave businesses ample time to introspect on their marketing requirements, and realize the potential […]

Maximize Brand Visibility During Lockdowns With Social Media Marketing

As the COVID-19 outbreak brings global economies to a standstill, many companies face the risk of completely getting wiped out from the market due to lack of business opportunities or getting overpowered by competitors via predatory pricing. Right now, every business is focussing on raising awareness and generating quality leads, […]

Make Your Business Recession-Proof with Digital Marketing

What is the best way to survive an economic recession? The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a mild economic recession with the potential to become severe down the line. And just like every other recession, this will too, run its course and fade away. As a leading digital marketing company in […]

Keep Your Lead Generation Strong During The Coronavirus Crisis

During times like these, panic takes over reasoning! People are easily overwhelmed by the news updates and even the rumours they hear about the economy slowing and markets crashing. It’s true that the markets do slowdown in critical times like these as we are witnessing a drastic shift in work […]

How to find potential customers during COVID-19 lockdowns?

There’s a difference between getting sales and finding potential customers. Potential customers could mean recurring revenue for a long-term basis, finding quality clients that are dedicated and sincere or could also mean getting clients that have the potential to take your company to the next level. That’s why potential customers […]