Tips to Prepare SEO Strategies for The Post-Coronavirus Future

If you are an ecommerce company you surely can’t ignore the potential of Amazon’s reach. It is an ecommerce landscape all on its own which serves as the focal point of majority of the shopper’s searches. For a small or even a medium sized ecommerce company it can be tough […]

Take Advantage of Amazon Ads to boost your E-commerce Business

If you are an ecommerce company you surely can’t ignore the potential of Amazon’s reach. It is an ecommerce landscape all on its own which serves as the focal point of majority of the shopper’s searches. For a small or even a medium sized ecommerce company it can be tough […]

Tips ensuring Re-branding does not Destroy Your SEO

Rebranding might seem to be a formidable task but at times it becomes a necessity and you can’t do away with it. One of the primary issues that often business owners fear about rebranding is the potential risks it poses to their SEO rankings. As experts of digital marketing, offering […]

How AI is transforming the Insurance Sector

The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is revolutionizing the working system of different industrial sectors and insurance is just one of them. Besides the insurtech companies that are vouching for AI tools, the traditional insurance companies too are now showing eagerness to shift their business processes to AI based technologies. […]

Changes Your Website will Witness in the Next 5 Years

Change is the only constant. We have often heard this and it holds true for all businesses including your online store. If you are a vendor selling apparels or fancy home store items online, then your e-commerce site too will require revamping as per the emerging website trends and evolving […]

Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Social media has taken the world by storm and it’s impacting almost every corner of our lives. According to several reports more than 90 percent of millennial are using atleast one of the social media platforms and not less than 85 percent of generation Z is learning about new products through social […]

Understanding the link between Online Reviews and SEO

There is no doubt that consumers today are smart shoppers. While shopping online, going through the reviews is a norm that helps the prospects to take a confident purchase decision. Any product or service with 4 or five star rating certainly seems convincing to the consumer and improves the likelihood […]

Attract Quality Traffic to Your E-Commerce Website With Smart SEO

Being an e-commerce website owner, your goal should be diversifying the traffic you get for every product, in order to ensure maximum converts. To achieve this, you need to cater and pander to every kind of consumer out there, for every product category you have. Every consumer has a different […]

With On-Demand Mobile App Take the Leap your Business Requires

When you order your favorite dish online or book a cab from your mobile, it’s the on-demand app that is working. In the past few years, the on-demand apps have witnessed a tremendous boost owing to the rising on-demand businesses. In fact, many of the biggest brands today are relying […]

Why Using Amazon PPC Services is the Right Move?

When I say, “Amazon is as much a landmark on the web as the Eifel tower in Paris”, I am sure my analogy doesn’t miss its point. More than 85% of shoppers today start their product search on Amazon. Hence, if you are a seller who has not yet built […]

Integrating Content Marketing to your Company’s DNA

As customer journey continues to evolve with time, marketers look for more dynamic and versatile approach. Engaging different departments in the creation and proliferation of marketing messages is a lucrative method that even content marketing companies vouch for. Making different departments a part of your content marketing plan helps capture […]

Organic Vs. Paid Social Media Marketing. Which One Do You Need in 2020?

Today, social media marketing in India has become an industry in itself. It offers a multitude of tools to get your campaigns across your target audience.  Every option it offers is so dynamic and rich in its functioning that an entire campaign strategy can be formulated around it. For example; Like-Ads.  […]

Integrating Social Media with PR Strategy

With the tremendous growth of digital landscape, we can hardly ignore the role and impact of social media in the online marketing fiefdom. Brands are now counting on social media tools for bolstering their PR strategies. Targeting the consistently expanding social media audience can help broaden your reach. As a […]

Give Your Food Website an Extra Edge with Rich Snippets

India has a rich culinary heritage where people love to eat, cook and serve! If you are a food connoisseur who loves to explore different recipes and wishes to share the same with others, then a personal food website is just the right tool for you. However, having a website […]

Know How to Repurpose Your Existing Content

Consumers today are driven by self-purchase model based on information easily available online. Hence, marketers and content marketing companies focus on quality and meaningful content that can drive in desired traffic. But creating and publishing new content every time is a daunting task. So, what is the solution? Well, repurposing […]

5 Elementary Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands

With so many fashion brands out there struggling to make it big in the fashion industry, it is insanely tough to stand out from the crowd. As such, Digital Marketing can be that one area where you can surge ahead of your competitors when done the right way. An effective […]

SEO-Friendly ways to Improve your Content Discoverability

It is tempting to imagine your content grabbing all the attention as soon as it’s live but the truth is, the struggle to provide excellent content marketing doesn’t end with content creation; instead that’s where it begins! Viral distribution of content today is the holy grail of social media marketing […]

SSL certificate is a vaccination for your website

In today’s internet era, websites are witnessing a Critical Time as the Cybercrime rates are dangerously high! Your Customer’s Data is at risk here. People are visiting your website and submitting website forms, ordering online or just logging on your website. Cybercrime is prevailing at a rapid pace. But to your […]

How to benchmark your website designing process?

Every other organisation planning to develop a website generally gets fascinated with having high-quality visuals and engaging content on the website. But in reality, understanding what’s best to have to on your website, is more important than just having the best. This is the most important part of your website […]

Witness your Business Scale new Heights with IKF-Developed Ecommerce Website

With the provision of shopping from the comforts of our homes, buying is lot more convenient and interesting now. All credit goes to the e-commerce sites that bring our desired  requirements to our doorsteps. E-commerce or electronic commerce is the perfect platform for businessmen who want to spread their wings […]