Dynamic Web Design Services – the Sure-Fire Way to boost your Online Business

It’s a no-brainer that web presence is now an essential requirement for businesses to survive, sustain and grow. Entrepreneurs who look for better opportunities and plan to generate more business and establish strong credibility depend heavily on a well-designed website. Just as an eye is a window to the soul, […]

Social Media Ads – The Effective Marketing Tool to Grow your Business

Ever wondered why social media ads are emphasized by digital marketers? Although you can attract many leads by posting quality content on social media platforms for free, using social media ads gives you an extra edge. When organic content is posted on social media, marketers cannot guarantee who will see […]


There is a possibility that your page’s URL might change when you go for a website redesign. This may result in you losing out on page rankings which in turn hampers the overall visibility of the website in search engines. URL changes must be updated with the search engines to […]

6 Activities That Will Support Your Local SEO Efforts

Local SEO is when someone searches for your business in your geographic area and your page ranks up.  It could be a search like “events near me this weekend”, “restaurants near me” or something similar. Local SEO is crucial because it helps you with the following: Redirect more traffic to […]

Everything you need to know about email marketing for businesses in 2022

Today, in 2022, are traditional email marketing strategies even relevant? The answer to this question is yes, they are! The pandemic saw the advent of several digital marketing forms like mobile marketing, social media marketing, etc. In the last couple of years, the world saw the emergence of several forms […]

5 Essential Elements Of Modern Web Design Every Start Up Should Know

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way the whole world works. After March 2020, with lockdowns being imposed everywhere, the whole world shifted to the digital universe. People started doing everything right from grocery shopping to high-level banking using web services & other online platforms. A lot of […]

Stopping Your SEO? – Brace Yourself For Negative Implications

You might want to take a break or think its a feasible strategy to pause your SEO once your ranking has taken momentum and restart it later. But the ugly truth is that it’s hard to reverse momentum once your SEO efforts start going in the wrong direction. It won’t […]

Still Contemplating over SEO services for business?

As a digital marketer, it’s easier to understand the role and significance of SEO in online business promotion. However, the same can’t be said for a layman or someone new to the digital marketplace. If you’re reading this blog it’s certain you’re looking for ways to boost your online business […]

Checklist for Choosing an E-Commerce Website Development Company

Want to fire up your small business? Wish to expand your brand globally? It’s time you explore the potential of eCommerce. Did you know the percentage of people preferring online shopping over physical stores have increased drastically over the past few years? Growing at an exponential rate, the market value […]

Assessing Importance of Web Development in Current Times

Greater digitalization has considerably transformed the customers’ preferences and purchasing behaviours. Booking a table at a restaurant, shopping for apparel, availing online courses or consulting medical specialists can now be easily done from the comforts of our homes. All thanks to the concept of website development and now even apps […]

Why Do You Need Support for a Mobile App Development Company?

Since the pandemic, a significant change in consumer behavior has been noted. More and more people today prefer to use their mobile apps to meet their day-to-day needs. Be it grocery, apparel or even health care, consumers are relying heavily on these apps that are not only convenient to use […]

A Search Engine Company can be the Driving Force Behind your Business Success

SEO continues to be one of the cornerstones of digital marketing. If you want to create long-term brand awareness, broaden your targeted audience and push up your sale revenues, then SEO should be a part of your marketing strategy.  Helping you to get a competitive edge in the industry, SEO […]

Right Digital Marketing Agency can keep you Ahead of the Competition!

None can deny the significance of digital marketing in developing a powerful brand that forms the nucleus of the company’s success. Around-the-clock endeavor, digital marketing is a proven technique that innumerable businesses are leveraging to gain a competitive advantage. So, what exactly a digital marketing agency does? Or how it […]

Latest Trends Defining The Marketing Strategies For Schools And Educational Institutes

Observing the latest trends in digital marketing, it can be concluded that it’s less about exploring newer marketing tools and more about diving deeper into the prevailing marketing channels and optimizing existing content. With fewer in-person touchpoints, today marketing in the educational sector calls for smarter utilization of different online […]

Tips to Make your Website Migration a Success

Are you aware of the term website migration? If not, it’s fine; there are many like you. People who are not well-versed with web development and SEO often falter to grasp the concept of website migration and its importance for the success of the online business. Website migration means upgrading […]

Make Your Web Design More Impactful with Right Use of Images

Visual presentation of your website is an integral part of the web appeal. The importance of visual representation has only grown over the years. Today’s Y generation prefers graphic-based communication over text-based. This skewing towards visuals is well-supported too. According to various studies 80% people remember what they see than […]

Top 4 Businesses that Need SEO Backing to Achieve Maximum Growth

As digital marketers, we’ve always harped upon the importance of SEO for your online business success and it’s for a reason. As our connection with the virtual world gets stronger, the need to bolster online visibility get’s even more significant than ever before. And that’s where SEO comes in. It […]

Mantras to Nurture Repeat Sales for your Ecommerce Business

Do you know that most online stores typically get a major chunk of their revenue from their existing customer base? What’s more important is that the figures get even better when businesses invest time and effort to adopt the “repeat customers” approach. However, persuading and convincing customers to go for […]

6 Mistakes That Your Google Ad Campaign Must Be Free From

Google ads can be one of the most cost-effective channels for businesses to drive leads and sales. If your Google ads are not fetching you desired results, the chances are you are not doing it the right way. Working as a digital marketing agency in Pune & Mumbai, IKF understands […]

How to Create Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Business in 2021

Real estate sector has witnessed a drastic shift over the past decade. And,considering the current pandemic situation and restrictive environment, the property business has certainly received a jolt. In such a scenario, online marketing has emerged as a perfect solution to accelerate the industry growth. With Google ads and home […]

Drawing Parallels between Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations and Marketing Lessons

Once again we are on the threshold of an enthralling phase of the year-it’s the time to welcome the arrival of our much-beloved deity, Lord Ganesha. Symbolic of a fresh beginning, Ganesh Chaturthi is undeniably a festival of boundless energy and positivity. Also known by the name of Vinayaka Chaturthi, […]

Why Does Mobile Site Experience Matters for Your Business?

Did you know that in 2015 mobile device traffic surpassed the web traffic and since then the trend has only got stronger. By February 2021, mobile devices made up over 54% of traffic worldwide. So, what does this mean to you as a business person? As a top rated digital […]

What is Growth Marketing and How is it Important to Your Business?

With hundreds of new businesses mushrooming and thousands of rupees being spent on marketing, it’s really difficult for any company to stand out in the crowd. To cut through the noise, a highly effective marketing strategy that’s creative, iterative and appealing is a critical requirement that no business can deny. […]

5 Simple Tips to Boost your Online Visibility

Do you know that the first five organic results account for almost 67.60% of all the clicks? This means if your web page misses the top 5 slots or fails to appear on the first page of search result, the chances of generating quality leads dip drastically. If you wish […]

Ignite your E-commerce Sales with Effective Digital Marketing Tips

Festive season is round the corner! It’s time to celebrate and make memories. An important part of all this celebration is shopping. Do you know that every year during festive months businesses make bumper sales as customers go on spending splurge? According to Festive Shopping Index 2019, a study conducted […]

Gain Competitive Edge with Real Estate SEO Guide, 2021

In the current scenario where the market is sluggish, the real estate sector needs a real boost. If you are a realtor or a local brokerage or real estate franchise, getting organic traffic to your website is more crucial today than ever before. You can’t just get away with a […]

WhatsApps New Call Feature Is Finally Out!

When the COVID-19 virus was spread majorly all over the world. We connected with video calls, or voice calls with our friends and families. It felt like we were having virtual dates with them. Everyone was just one pick away when their phone buzzed. Even lots of companies digitalised their […]

7 Reasons Why You Need a Website Revamp

It can hardly be denied that website design is an important part of your online marketing strategy. It hardly takes 0.05 seconds for viewers to form an opinion about a website they visit. And, if that first impression is powerful, half the battle is won. Lets confess it – The […]

Top 7 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for More Conversions & Better ROI

New to ecommerce business, wondering how to make your brand presence powerful? OR Struggling to achieve a stable flow of consumers to your webstore? Irrespective of the size and nature of business these are some issues that many face.. In the current scenario, the eCommerce landscape is changing rapidly and […]

Know How to Troubleshoot your Website Conversion Problems

The ultimate goal of any business website is to drive meaningful traffic that could bring revenue. When you invest money, time and energy on development and promotion of your goods or services you certainly don’t want all that to go in vain. If your website is failing to fetch the […]

Leading Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

It’s no secret that the marketing landscape keeps changing every year and 2021 is no exception. With the competition heating up and digital transformation upsurging, you need to brace yourself for the upcoming challenges. Staying on top requires you to stay abreast of the latest trends and swiftly adapt to […]

How to Optimize Monetary Gains from Facebook Ads

A modern day marketer today is exposed to multitudes of marketing channels and tools. With plenty of options available it’s easier to get overwhelmed. However, spending time and money on the most impactful channel and tactic is what one needs to focus on. When it comes to social media platforms, […]

The Scope & Future of SEO in India

With most of the world going through a pandemic & everybody having to work from home, the most effective & influential type of marketing in the current scenario is digital marketing. Everybody is going digital nowadays. There are a large number of internet users in the world as of 2020 […]

Boost your Brand Influence with Guest Posting Tips

If you are a hardcore inbound marketer, you’ll understand the value of good content and link building in driving traffic to your site. Guest blogging or guest posting acts as a tool to attain these objectives. It’s an amazing way to grow your audience, expand your email-list and improve your […]

Role of Video Ads in Fostering your Brand Image

People are spending more than a billion hours watching Youtube videos. It comes to around 100,000 years, which is more than all of human history in a single day. That’s startling, isn’t it? In addition to YouTube, video content on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms too have made […]

7 Different Ways to Optimize Google My Business Page

Whether you have an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, you surely can’t miss out on getting yourself noticed by your customers. In the online world, this means you rank high on Google. If you are looking for ways to outrank your competitor and attract quality leads to your site, […]

5 Tips for Building Engaging Content that Connects you to your Audience

Gone are the days when publishing massive amounts of substandard content and using automated article submission tools helped you survive in the market. Today, if your content is not striking and meaningful to the users it barely stands a chance to meet its purpose. Creating content that standouts amidst the […]