Is your website contributing to your sales?

The website, as you know, is a 24 x 7 storefront. Unlike a physical store, it isn’t limited by geography – the whole world is your playground! Your website is more than just a token presence on the internet. However, if it’s not being used properly, then it just becomes […]

7 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid No Matter What

Content marketing has become the norm. Whether you want to attract new customers or keep your existing ones enticed — content marketing is the key to maintaining happy and healthy relationships with your community. As a company offering content marketing services in Pune, we are approached by clients to set […]

Digital Marketing: The Ultimate Cure for Healthcare Revenue Condition

“While there are evangelists and advocates of digital marketing within the healthcare industry who will continue lending their support to new technologies and tools, it will be the adoption by local caregivers and clinics that will add more to the transformation.” Before I get down to discussing the titular topic, […]

5 Terrible PPC Mistakes To Avoid Come Rain Or Shine

While there are many ad formats and avenues of digital marketing when it comes to giving immediate and ROI-driven results, nothing works as efficiently as PPC campaigns. The best thing about PPC ads is that you pay only when an ad is clicked and not just when it appears on […]

How to Create Mobile Friendly Content

As a mobile application development company in Pune, if there’s one common misconception we’d like to put an end to for our readers and clients alike is this – just because your website is mobile-friendly doesn’t mean that it’s mobile responsive. What we mean is that a mobile-friendly website would […]

Smart ways to increase reviews for your app

What do you do when you find yourself subjected to a sea of options? You naturally look for reviews. Recommendations from people who have been to a place or bought a product or used an app. Naturally, if you are a business with an app you know how indispensable it […]

Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App For Free!

As a premier mobile application development company in Pune, it’s always a great feeling when entrepreneurs with mind-boggling and life-enhancing concepts reach out to us to materialize them. Our app design and development team is forever psyched to work on challenging and innovative mobile apps. We know the efforts, countless […]

Catch Them If You Can: Content Trends for 2019

Every year it’s the same. Like clockwork, trends come and go. But not all those promising trends turn out to be remarkable and result-driven; some are mere flashes in the pan while some play out mediocrely. That’s one unpredictable game and we aren’t complaining. As a company that has been […]

5 Annoying Web Design Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now!

The proverb, “to err is human” is quite comforting. After all, we’re only just humans and that making mistakes is something that is intrinsic to our species. But in the world of website design, making a mistake can come at a price. An amateurishly designed website can confuse your visitors, […]

How to be Google’s best friend this 2019

Before we go all nerdy and elaborate on the said topic, we’d like to wish you all a very happy, fruitful, and creative new year! May you find success personally, professionally, and digitally (we are here to help you there). So yes, it’s 2019 and we’re excited like that kid […]

How social media is changing movie marketing

From Sonam Kapoor to Sarah Jessica Parker, every shining star in the film firmament knows how to parlay their immense following on social media to turn their movies into commercial success. For that matter, you are most likely to catch the first glimpse of a film on Facebook or Instagram […]

Digital Marketing: Secret Tactics Guaranteed to Grow Your Traffic and Sales

Ever wondered why digital marketing services in India or for that matter in any part of the world have become so fiercely competitive? Well, thanks to the level playing entrepreneurial field, starting a business isn’t prohibitive in terms of money and management as it used to be some years ago. […]

5 Real Benefits of Website Redesign

As if designing the website first time around wasn’t any less time consuming, arduous or *clearing throat* wallet-friendly affair that we are trying to talk you into redesigning it? But please, don’t write us off yet because we do have some solid reasons (benefits included) that will make you ease […]

Why Digital Marketing is Important For The Medical Industry?

With digital marketing sinking its hooks into various industries, it was only a matter of time that it would make its way into the healthcare sector. Like others, the healthcare industry needs to bid bye-bye to conventional marketing tricks and fling their arms open to digital marketing to stay relevant […]

How Digital PR and Social Media can Enhance Political Campaigns

As we inch closer towards the General Elections slated for the next year somewhere between April and May, political parties and candidates will be wielding all types of media to present themselves in the best light possible. Well, things have already started gathering force. While this process of canvassing is […]

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Digital Marketing

Going by the current conversational currents, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that everyone has their mind and wallet set on digital marketing. Whether or not people know how investing in digital marketing would impact their brand or business, the fact that it has started percolating into strategies and corporate […]

7 Digital Marketing Tactics to Launch Your New Product Flawlessly

Before we dive into the digital stratagems you can employ to launch your new product, we’d like to congratulate you and your team for making it through one of the most intensive and herculean phases of your business. Months of research, planning, testing, blood, sweat, and sleepless nights have finally […]

MAHA NGO Federation Launches Its Brand New Logo!

On the occasion of Independence Day team IKF (I Knowledge Factory Pvt. Ltd.) crossed another milestone. MAHA NGO Foundation (MNF) one of the most renowned and trusted non-profit organizations from Pune, Maharashtra launched its brand-new logo which was ideated and designed by IKF. The logo was launched by Guest of […]

7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Matrimonial Business Online in 2019

Today, the key facilitator for arranged marriages in India are not our uncles and aunties or neighbors or well-wishers or punditji’s for that matter, they are the matrimonial websites that stand testimony to the wedlock of two souls (unlike in the heaven, they were made online😊). Jokes apart, according to […]

Visual Search – What it means for an SEO Company

There have been times when I fail to recollect a particular pattern of shirt, the typical print on that shirt and smart accessories to pair with. So what do I do? Do a Visual Search on the Search Engine?  Yes. This is exactly where the Visual Search comes into picture! […]