4 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies that can make a Difference!

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Can LinkedIn be used as an effective marketing strategy?

Here are some stats that will surprise you about the influence of Linkedin.

According to B2B marketers, LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of their social media leads.

And, nearly 64% of corporate website visits originate on LinkedIn.

These figures are surely not insignificant enough to be ignored. As a growing social media company in Pune, the IKF reiterates on leveraging LinkedIn platform to grow followers and get actual business results.

The obvious question that comes up is how to optimize the linkedin strategy.

The answer includes -conduct research, participate actively and be genuine.

The chief idea is to be relevant and valuable to the people on Linkedin. Whether you adopt an educational route or entertainment form, your content must be valuable to the end consumer.

Let’s practically break the above suggestion to learn how you can build an audience on LinkedIn by giving value to the users:

LinkedIn strategy No#1 Thoughtful comments can do the magic: The best way to begin is to identify popular posts in your niche by searching relevant hashtags or discovering the “top posts” and leaving your feedback. Mark you, thoughtful commenting can be impactful. Your feedback on other people’s articles or updates, should be able to add insights into the subject. This can help make you the go-to person in your industry.

Remember a simple advice: To build a community of followers, you have to add value to the community before you expect them to think about you. Consume as much content as possible on a daily basis. The more you engage with people, the better are the chances of creating a broader follower base.

LinkedIn strategy No#2 Produce native content to strike the chord: There are two ways to trigger response- engaging with the existing content and producing actionable content. While we already discussed the former, let’s get into the latter half. Produce content that resonates with the audience, this could be audio, video or written piece.

The one trend that is gaining a lot of traction and even noted by agencies specializing in Linkedin Marketing Services in India is native articles and posts with contextual relevance to business. For instance, if you have a boutique, you may post apparel photos on Instagram. But on LinkedIn, the right way to do it would be writing an article about something like, say, best outfit for working executives. (All depends on your market and your objective).

LinkedIn strategy No#3 Add your profile link to your mail signature: When you publish a content on LinkedIn, it’s viewed by those who follow you or those who are following the hashtags you’ve included.

Here's a tip for instantly boosting your follower base especially if you’re starting out without many connections: If you frequently use your mail account for sending emails to your personal or business contacts, prefer adding your LinkedIn profile to your email signature.

You can get your LinkedIn profile noticed and earn more followers. This will set the pace for garnering more connections and help you get higher reach.

LinkedIn strategy No#4 Leverage LinkedIn account to host in-person events: Nothing can match the efficacy of developing in-person connections.Hosting in-person events is a strategy, specifically recommended for B2B Marketing.

Hosting conferences is similar to grabbing opportunities to build rapport with leads. Unfortunately, not all realise the value of hosting smaller events.
When you organize a small event, inviting people who represent the type of clients you want, you get a chance to convert those clients down the road.

You can use LinkedIn’s organic reach to attract those attendees, or you can leverage the ad platform to target people in specific locations. While Facebook advertising can also get you the audience, with LinkedIn you have the advantage of getting more of the right kind of people.

Structuring the ad is also so simple. Just record a quick video from your phone informing people about your event. You can ask people to sign up by filling out a Google Form that you link to in the copy. Make sure to include open ended questions in the form to help you get an insight into whether or not you can convert the targeted people. Based on the answers and the people who filled out the form, send out invitations.

This really works, try it for yourself!

Key takeaway: Shrinking digital space has opened floodgates of opportunities. Make sure you are not left behind. Use LinkedIn as a complementary lead generation tool to flesh out your digital presence.

Be it creating high-powered company pages, sharing actionable content or utilizing LinkedIn’s paid ads to reach new audiences, IKF’s social media services in India can guide you through! Our experts can help your lead pool to grow and establish thought leadership around your brand.

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