5 Up And Coming Marketing Trends

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You need to keep abreast of the latest trends in the world of marketing. Without a knowledge of marketing trends, you are not going to be able to make the changes needed to stay ahead of your competitors. In 2016, there are a number of trends that you need to be aware of. Some build off previous trends and some have seemingly emerged from nowhere.
This guide is going to introduce you to of the up and coming trends, so you can ensure that your online marketing strategy is as effective as it possibly can be.
1. A New Way to Video Market
You already know that video marketing is the ultimate way to take full advantage of content marketing right now. Vertical videos are one trend that has come around due to the need to adjust videos to the mobile device. These are the same videos, but they are designed specifically for mobile users.
It’s yet another step towards providing an exclusive mobile experience, and you should look into implementing them on your mobile website.
2. Using a Different Reality
Virtual reality has come in the form of the Oculus Rift. You may be wondering what this has to do with marketing, though. The truth is it’s just an example of what it can do for the average person. The coming of virtual reality will enable businesses to provide a total engagement experience.
There’s no clue as to how businesses will come to use virtual reality. Pioneers of this new way to market are still trying different things.
Furthermore, most businesses have yet to jump into this innovation yet. But virtual reality will change online marketing, and the chances are the latecomers are going to have a serious disadvantage.
3. SEO in the Form of Apps
Apps are only going to grow in popularity. More and more companies are creating dedicated apps. And the growth of apps is coming at the expense of browser-based Internet experiences. There are still questions over whether website experiences are set to be replaced by mobile apps, but they will play a huge part in the coming years.
Google is continuing to produce app streaming technology in order to determine where websites rank and which web sites get the most exposure. This is only going to develop in the coming years.
4. A Second Type of Reality
We’ve already had virtual reality and now here comes augmented reality. True augmented reality technology is still years away, but early experiments have been initiated. For example, Google Glass was attempted and, unfortunately, it resulted in failure.
One of the most successful attempts at augmented reality was the use of QR codes that brought the physical and digital worlds together. The idea is that you can connect with the online world, while continuing to operate in the physical world. You are no longer making a decision between one or the other.
5. The Coming of Interactive Content
Traditional content involved the content maker speaking to the person engaging with that content. It’s a one-sided relationship, which mainly happened because of technology. But technology has moved on and content is now about a two-way street. Interactive content is here and it’s set to change the world.
Interactive content changes based on the input of the user. Personalized shopping and experiences helped brands to go viral, and this is something more and more brands are going to catch onto in the coming 12 months.
Conclusion – How Should You Prepare?
Preparing for these new marketing trends requires you to set aside a budget and set aside some time to investigate them. Start thinking about how these five trends can be incorporated into your company.
How will you prepare for these changes in the world of marketing?