6 Essential Components That Denote High Quality SEO Content

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Google is not explicit about its ranking algorithms. With more than 200 factors determining the ranking of websites, it’s quite evident. However, various SEO statistics have made it clear that high quality content is one of the important signals used by Google to rank websites.

It’s no surprise then that producing top quality content is a key aspect of every SEO strategy.

What is Quality Content? Now, this is a million dollar question as it can help you skyrocket your search traffic and earn you higher conversions.

Content isn’t a blog post or web page that you add to your website. It is the data that you submit to the search engines to be used by the online searchers. Now, only if this piece of information is meaningful & relevant to the searcher, it will be considered as useful.

As experts of digital marketing, offering top SEO services in India, the IKF team establishes its content strategy on the basis of quality content. Content that offers real answers to real people’s questions.

Hi, I am Ashish Dalia, the CEO of IKF and today, I will be clearing out some concepts related to quality content. While most marketers believe that quality content is instrumental in improving your page rank on SERP, defining the parameters of the same is challenging.

Quality content is one that Google finds worth sharing. It is viewed, liked, linked to and shared. It’s the type of content people want to ingest because it helps them or entertains them.

Here, I have tried to encapsulate some of the basic attributes of high quality content. Let’s scrutinize each one of them at a time:

1. Quality content is one with useful data:

When an online user is searching for something, he/she wants real answers. Your content should be able to provide that meaningful information to the searcher. No matter, how attractive your web page looks, if your data fails to satisfy the user’s intent, it fails to make its mark on the digitally cluttered world.

Focus on creating well-thought-out content that connects with the readers. Any top-rated digital marketing company in India resorts to researching, brainstorming and testing to come up with unique and better content marketing ideas that set a benchmark for others too.

2. Quality content is based around your marketing goals:

Are you publishing too much content yet not driving the desired traffic? Well, there are good chances that you are producing a thin content, devoid of a substantial goal. Working as an SEO Company in Pune, we focus on creating content with a purpose. This purpose could be earning links, educating the audience, driving social engagement and more. It’s all about articulating content in a way that it meets the specific marketing goal.

3. Quality content focuses on Customers and not just selling:

Use your content to generate interest in your products. Remember, your blog posts aren’t your sales pages. Create content that builds relationships. Your primary objective should be to develop trust & credibility among your target audience. The sale part can come later, once you’ve earned their trust.

4. Quality content enjoys good page rank on Google:

Google rewards websites with higher engagement. Click through rate ((people clicking on your content) and dwelling time (amount of time spent by users on your content) have become determining factors for gauging user engagement. While Google SERP positions predominantly used factors like who had the most/best links & most relevant content, today it's equally important that people engage with your content if you want to rank well.

5. Quality Content gets higher conversions:

When people find your content genuine and relevant they are most likely to convert. Be it signing up for a webinar, filling out a registration form or buying a product or service, your content can lead to positive leads. If you want people to click your page, you need to work on brand building. Well, that’s another stream but all are interlinked. Who can explain this better than an expert from the digital marketing field? IKF-the reputed digital marketing company in Pune offers a suite of marketing solutions and employs all tactics optimally to guarantee success.

6. Quality content shines on every channel:

A powerful content has the potential to stand out on every channel. Whether it’s the SEO, CRO, PPC, or social media (paid and organic) good content does well everywhere. Infact, let’s look at it this way- content that gains attention on social media tends to rank better and convert well; content that ranks well in organic search earns higher engagement on social media and converts well, and so on. Eventually, a content that is truly engaging and inspiring is the final victor.

Concluding Thoughts:

To ensure your content falls in the high quality bracket, you need to go the extra mile. Think out of the box, get creative and start delivering! It’s a completely different game and you need to be sure about your content building and content marketing strategies.

If you are up for a content creation plan and need some guidance, we, the IKF – the digital marketing & web design company in Pune, would love to help you. Share your ideas and issues and we’ll guide you through.

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