7 Best of Social Media Tools to Automate Your Work

3 min read

Social media has become a key platform to boost your business. This is due to proliferation in the digital marketing field. Boosting on social media is cheaper and more effective than the traditional way of marketing. It does not require much experience or strong monetary back-up.
There are plenty of platforms to use from, to generate brand awareness or to generate leads. There are various tools that can help you to automate your work.
Below I have mentioned some of the tools to give your business a boost.
1. Google URL Builder
Working on campaigns? Then Google URL builder can be your best partner. It is one of my favorite tools to track down the campaign activity. It is easy to use and let you track your objective you have set for yourself or a team.
Google URL builder is not that tricky tool and shows the results in the Google analytics.
2. Buffer
Another important tool that allows you to schedule your posts across different social media platforms such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and lot more. At one place you can schedule and post it across all your social sites. It also tracks the clicks and impressions on a particular link.
3. Bit.ly
No one bothers to open the long URL’s provided in the posts. Bit.ly has solution for this issue. It shortens the long URL so that you can have more number of characteristics. Twitter allows only 140 characters that are not possible to write with the long URL. At that point of time, Bit.ly is a very handy tool to use.
4. Hootsuite
This tool is similar to buffer which I have mentioned earlier. The only drawback is that it allows three accounts in the basic version. As well as it permits social listening and publishing & engagement features.
5. Feedly
Feedly provides content sharing and content curation sharing that incorporates with Buffer. Stay connected to what other people are sharing and talking about. Additionally, it allows you to track the key industry trends and relevant information about your interest or industry.
6. Tweetdeck
Don’t have time to manage your Tweets? Try out this tool. This is very flexible tool that allows you to customize your timelines, searches and lists. Also, you can set up notifications to ensure you reply or give your comments on real time
7. Buzzsumo
Explore the most popular content in your niche and who shared it. Buzzsumo gives you insight about the popularity of a particular topic or related content. Entre a keyword and filter the results as per your requirements like company, journalist or blogger. Initially it comes with 14-day free trial.
Final Thoughts
Social media tools can be useful in many ways from scheduling to analyzing. There are other tools too that can be useful for start-ups.
Before choosing the right social media management tool you must have a good understanding of what your needs are. You need to focus on tools that can improve what you are doing and ultimately will yield maximum results.