AdWords Tips to Double Up Your Conversions

3 min read

Right from its launch in year 2000, Google AdWords has evolved as a tool that marketeer have used to promote their brand and reach the right kind of audience. Check out these tips which will help you to improve your campaign’s performance.
Good Account Structure: The accounts structure of the campaign should be such that all the keywords with similar themes should be in one ad group. If some keywords are performing really well, you can make a separate ad group for these, so that you can make relevant ads which include these high performing keywords.
Understanding the user’s Intent: This is a very important factor wherein you really need to understand when a user would type certain keyword. For example,  If you are doing a campaign wherein your target group includes businessman who would like to hire a .net developer and in the keywords list you have selected ‘.net developer’ as one of the keyword, the first questions should come to your mind is – Who  can search using this keyword?
It could be someone who wants to become a .net developer and hence is an inappropriate keyword. Thus, you need to choose your keywords wisely to reach the right targeted audience.
Being Relevant: It is really important for the ads to be relevant with the landing pages and keywords selected, so what the user searches for, he sees in the ad and in the landing page, which will eventually help him to reach a more customized landing page which has all the necessary information he requires to know and would help him to take a decision.
Using Mobile bid modifiers:  Based on your campaign’s performance, you can adjust the bid. For example; if you are getting better results through mobile devices you could increase the bid by 25 % or if your landing page is not mobile friendly, you could decrease your bid by 100%.
Linking Google Analytics with AdWords A/C: This can be a great combination where in you can use combined insights to get a complete picture of the user from the time he clicks on the ad to his conversion. You get to know important data like bounce rate, pages per visit and average time spent which helps you understand if you are attracting the right target group and helps you to optimize further to achieve the desired objectives.
Analyzing Reports and Adjusting: Once you have effectively started running your ad, have enough data at your disposal, you can take a look and try to understand which keyword(s) is profitable for you and adjust your budget accordingly. Additionally, the search terms report helps you to understand what searches triggered your Ad, if these are not the search queries you are looking for you could exclude them.
Using AdWords Scripts: Scripts gives you flexibility and more advanced options than automated rules, they can be there at the MCC level wherein you can use them to manage multiple accounts at the same time. As well as you can use them to alert you whenever your ad stops running or when your Cost per conversion rate is too high.
I believe, these tips would help you to improve your campaign’s performance and get the right ROI. Do explore and try to employ these suggestions. Also I would really appreciate your views/opinions in comments section below.