Are You Evolving Along With Your Business?

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I remember studying a research report at Indian IT industry in which they summarized that the Indian IT industry is characterized by services and also that human capital has been a significant contributor of constant growth of industrial sector.
Well, today I am a part of a rapid growth organization & constantly facing challenges on both the front’s viz., services and the human capital. Issues like instant increase or decrease in size, a typical sense of infallibility, internal turmoil, and urgent need of human resource, affects not only employees but the organization structure & its overall culture while developing.
Since the time available is always less and the entire process demands intellectual and emotional application, it tends to create enormous pressure especially among the new & younger employees. Further, the resistance to change the attitudes & behavior in tune with the changing needs of the organization poses a challenge. The expanding job-demands would require different ways of managing through formal & informal methods and team leads, supervisors, managers are unable to do effectively since there are not enough experienced personnel available to delegate this work to. The situation takes an intricate turn when constant recruiting and training become a routine part of the organization. All this invariably leads us to an increased degree of ambiguity, misbelieve & uncertainty in the organization.
These results in, what all personnel say to the remaining all (well, including management team) is – I’m OK! You’re NOT OK!!
Not to mention, this kind of attitude leads to end-less & quite meaningless yet favorite activity gossiping laced with negative criticism. In such case, how to expect the holistic growth in such a turbid environment which would be mutually beneficial to employees as well as to the business as a whole?  Intensely intrigued, I consulted a counsellor friend just to get to the core. The discussion gave me both Cure and Care. Let me share some of the crisp tips of what we discussed;

  1. Consult your Heart and Head– How do you feel & think about the situation? Are you angry? Do you feel betrayed? If you answer YES to any of these questions, you are almost certain to come across in retaliation. Count up to 10, Calm down and rethink your approach before proceeding further. Simply decide whether to say “it” Right Now. Not Now. Or NEVER!
  2. Condemn the deed, not the doer– Describe what happened, not what the fellow did. Think what’s wrong with the action. Speak it up with the concerned authority. Ask questions to satisfy your query and information. The more upset you are, the earlier you should ask the question but only to the competent authority.
  3. Commit to corrective action – Better than criticizing, suggest yourself what is to be done to improve performance. Also, make sure to take time out to tell your co-workers, employees how much you value them and their contribution to the organization. Don’t just presume that employees realize how much they are appreciated. Let them know!

Let us catch

                                                                 A positive stroke at the end –                                                                

With Constructive Criticism.

I am the master of my mind.

Now, I’m OK! You’re OK!