How Artificial Intelligence & SEO Strategies Will Help To Change Your Business

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The other day my team got into a random discussion over a piping hot cup of tea about a movie named “Eat, Pray, Love”. Well, many of you might have heard about it or even read the book or seen the movie starring Julia Roberts. We all just had a stance when it came to the locations where the movie had been shot.

When we all struggled with that, one of my colleagues said, “Hey guys, let’s Google it”. And then we said, “Oh yes, how did we forget that we have Google at our rescue”. So, here was the query that we shot out to Google

“What are the shooting locations of eat pray love?”

 And this is what Google answered us


Google had a direct answer marked in bold from the Wikipedia page which actually resolved all our issues.

An addition to this was it had some more precise searches that would help in to capture a few more details about this movie.


Google has been conducting billions of searches every day. Even with years of gathering engineered data Google is yet amused to find some unique queries.

Nowadays, people are expecting precise answers from Google, so queries are written in the way we talk. It’s not just a few words but complete sentences which in turn makes it complex for Google to return the right result to help match the user intent.

The above example also showed us how artificial intelligence helps SEO.

Here are some strategies that will help your business grow:

1. Using intelligent keywords

Keyword research plays a vital role in building your brand.  All you need to do is to adopt to the power of 3G. 3G here comes with a different meaning it is known as

  1. Gathering keywords
  2. Grouping keywords
  3. Generating exemplars

You need to start with gathering the keyword data from keyword tools, such as Moz, Semrush, GoogleAdwords etc. It will automatically show grouped keywords based on your main target keyword.

The next thing after this is to create exemplars. Exemplars are the keywords which have the highest potential of representing the similar keyword phrases. Say for example, instead of creating five different landing pages for keywords like:

  1. Apartment costs in Pune
  2. Pune apartment cost
  3. Apartments for rent in Pune
  4. 1BHK apartments in Pune

Instead of putting up so many queries all you need to do is create a pillar page based on the exemplar keyword like “affordable apartments in Pune” which will have the power to rank on Google for all the similar search queries.

Also, it is recommended to keep a check on the searches which are related to the section on the Google SERP that in turns helps in identifying the keyword phrases that can be used for optimizing.

There is a new innovation called as semantic SEO where one can find a relationship between the words you enter and how they work with the search engines. Search engines try to understand what you mean and based on that return with the best searches.

2. Making use of cluster & Predictive analysis

Just imagine life would be so easy when it comes to just feeding your goals and the software would generate the desired design which is easily understandable by the users. This can be achieved by the generative design.

This concept is better used with cluster analysis and predictive analysis

Cluster Analysis

This analysis is used to audit the current pages and help them group into varied topics. This, in turn, will help your business in improving the Page Rank distribution it also helps the search engines to identify pages which are based on certain topics.

Predictive Analytics

There has to be a forecast for the search that is demanded your target keywords. Tools like Google Trends will help in giving data that has looked backward but predictive analysis has the power to give insights in the future and the search trends will help you in improving the sales.

3. Influencing your business by using the power of customer reviews

There are loads of data available already for your business in the form of texts, images, video and audio files. The user reviews play a very important role in this.

Take an example a review left by a client which says “Excellent marketing services and at an affordable price”, this will help Google in analyzing and return your business in the search results when people will search for “Best marketing services”.

The first thing that you need to do is have a complete and optimized Google My Business listing. It is important that your business should be visible on the Google local to get as many customers as possible. Google Maps also play an important role in marketing as it a necessary component to enhance the local visibility of your business.

 4. Predicting the shopper’s needs through customer data

As we know that there is plenty of data available you just need to work upon all of that. Being a marketer you should be able to predict the requirements of your customers even before they realize that they would be requiring that. You can even try and use some tools which will help you in doing so.

5. Make use of chatbot which is AI- powered for pulling customers towards a sale

A chatbot can be a savior for your business. Installing it on your website will help you connect with your customers very easily. Moreover, the chatbot never sleeps its always on foot working for you 24/7. It will also help you in personalizing and building a strong bond with your customers. If you don’t have a chatbot then it’s still not too late to get into the league.

We are already in that era where we are using AI powered SEO. It’s now become an essential as well as an important part of your business. So, when laying down your SEO strategy do remember the power of AI.

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