Assessing 2021 Web Development Trends

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As the unexpected events of 2020 unfolded, it changed the way people perceived the online landscape. With a greater push to remote working, video conferencing and online services, the virtual world has become a reality, touching every life more strongly than ever before.

While navigating through the challenges and uncertainties, the need for building a better virtual community is much called for. And this is paving the way for some interesting digital developments.

What are the expected web development trends in 2021?

Hi, I am Ashish Dalia, the CEO of IKF - I Knowledge Factory, a well-known website development company in Pune and Mumbai would like to walk you through some of the growing web development trends to help you explore new possibilities in 2021:

Progressive Web Applications: A new age technology, PWAs has been gaining attention for quite a while and for all good reasons. Loaded with useful features like offline mode, responsive web and an-app like experience, the PWA is surely something to look out for. Companies that want a mobile-first approach can deliver similar experiences through their websites with PWAs. It works both on mobile as well as desktop, providing web-apps across devices.

Single page websites : Does it sound a bit odd to you ? Well, many companies including Apple have already used single page websites for their products. These websites are created to target specific audiences with precise and exact content that matches with the prospective consumer’s requirements. WordPress is one of the powerful platforms for single page websites. So, investing in website development in Mumbai and Pune for creating such a platform for your business is an idea worth pondering!

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): If the mobile browser pages aren’t loading quickly, it’s a hiccup that can dissuade the users from ingesting your content. Adapting to AMP is one of the right solutions. They are fast loading website pages that are developed through plugins. They provide higher UX even with the basic features. What makes the AMP plugins more attractive is that they can be used for creating excellent user interfaces without delving into complex coding.

Single Page Application: A single-page application is an app that doesn't require to reload the page during its use and works within a browser. All the apps that you use regularly : Facebook, Google Maps, Gmail, Twitter and Google Drive, all are examples of a SPA. One of the biggest benefits of a correctly-configured SPA is the user experience (UX). The user gets to enjoy a natural environment of the app without having to wait for the page reloads. You remain on the same page, which is powered by JavaScript programming language.

Chatbots: Chatbots are forms of cognitive computing models, that aggregate data from users, analyze them and come up with smart product solutions. For example, when you go to a respective banking website to find an answer to a particular problem, you’ll find a chatbot asking you questions regarding the issue. They help to resolve the issue or pass it on to the higher authority. As a website design and development company in Mumbai and Pune, we firmly believe that these chatbots can play a pivotal role in building stronger customer relations.

Some other trends that are likely to become more prominent in 2021

  • Progressive web applications (PWAs) will replace native mobile apps
  • Smaller companies will favor SPAs for app development
  • Motion UI design will boost page interactivity
  • Voice search will become more dominant
  • Higher emphasis on process customization will be witnessed
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning will get more mileage

With lots happening and changing in the digital world, one has no option but to stay nimble. As a website design company in Pune and Mumbai, IKF is also bracing up to meet the newer challenges and explore opportunities for our clients. Offering a suite of digital marketing services and web development solutions, we are advancing step by step towards excellence.

We’ve been helping different businesses turn their websites into high-converting sales engines. If you want to grow your business influence and be one of the leaders in your niche we can help you. Want to know how? Book a free consultation today and we’ll ensure you have a fulfilling experience.

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