Attract Quality Traffic to Your E-Commerce Website With Smart SEO

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Being an e-commerce website owner, your goal should be diversifying the traffic you get for every product, in order to ensure maximum converts. To achieve this, you need to cater and pander to every kind of consumer out there, for every product category you have. Every consumer has a different idea, a different need and a different mind-set behind the purchase of a particular product. And that clearly shows in their search engine queries. Every consumer will have their own words/phrases/keywords in their searches. You need to show that your product fulfils everyone’s requirement parameters… or at least make them feel like it.

Organic SEO!

Search engine optimization allows you to this in a beautiful and organized fashion. You get to show a different face to every consumer, as per their search attitude. Let’s say you have a phone that is affordable and has a selfie camera. Now there could be 2 sets of potential customers for this particular phone. The first, people wanting a cheap phone. You can create a Google listing that presents your product as a cheap phone. Similarly, for consumers wanting a phone with the selfie camera, your listing can focus more on the selfie camera aspect, compelling them to click on the listing.

Smart SEO is the key!

Targeting different search types is one thing. You want the search engine as well to think of your website as a good option for the consumer. The search engine has a mind of its own that judges your website’s experience, in order to consider your website for a ranking/position for a particular search query. Smart SEO is all about diversifying your keyword targeting strategy, along with improving your website’s user experience and performance. This all together ensures that your website consistently gets quality rankings.

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Here are 6 smart SEO tips to follow for e-commerce websites:

1. Target effective keywords:

Take some time out and do in-depth research in figuring out the right keywords. Go for long-tail keywords and keywords that are more specific. Targeting this kind of keywords dramatically increases the quality of traffic and the probability of conversions.

2. Compress your product images:

Load time is an important factor in Google page rankings. Product images and catalogues take up a lot of time in loading, which adds to the overall load time of the website. Try to use compressed versions of the images so that your page load time stays as short as possible. Any SEO agency in Mumbai would highly recommend this.

Attract Quality Traffic to Your E-Commerce Website with SEO Agency in Mumbai

3. A straightforward sitemap:

An easy to understand sitemap means your website is easy to navigate for consumers. This improves your website’s reputation in the eyes of the search engine and places your website above other websites. Any digital marketing company in India would advise you to do this.

4. Avoid duplicate content:

Duplicate content is strictly looked down upon by search engines, especially Google. As an e-commerce website, you will have a lot of pages and a lot of product descriptions. Try to avoid reusing the same content for more than one page/product. You can create a template for similar products and create adaptations of it to use for each product variant.

5. Strategize your anchor texts, meta tags and meta descriptions:

Every page has its own set of anchor texts, meta tags and meta descriptions. These are critical in the performance of that particular page in search engine indexing. Try adding important/high volume keywords in your meta tags and descriptions. As for anchor texts, you can use a particular keyword itself instead of texts like “here” or “click here”. The use of keywords drastically improves your page ranking chances.

6. Strategize your page URLs

Optimized URLs really make it easy for search engine bots to find and crawl that page. An organized URL forming strategy makes all your pages easy to find, index and understand by the search engine bot, along with making it easy for the consumer to know as well. Many agencies offer this solution as a part of their digital marketing services in Mumbai.

In conclusion, Smart SEO is about giving equal importance to the consumer’s perspective and the search engine’s perspective, while optimizing a particular website page. This will help you think in various innovative ways to optimize every page for various unique searches happening online

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