Balancing Work & Life

What is work life balance?
We often hear the concept and are quite aware with the work life balance. We need to maintain a balance between our work and personal life. Its like having “me time”. Me time can include lot many things that our mind our heart may tell us to do.
But are we able to balance both our Work and the daily chores or activities? We maintain very hectic lifestyles that even if we plan out our daily schedules we still tend to lose on to the balance of work and our personal life. Thriving to achieve it becomes much more difficult.
How can we achieve the balance that we want?

  1. Time Management

When we were younger and studying in school, as students we kept an habit of creating and working according to a time table. With the help of this we got to know that at what time what we were expected to do. This is still the best way to manage our time which will actually help us in the long run too.

  • Creating a time table.
  • Following the schedules regularly.
  • Planning your day in advance.
  • Prioritising the tasks.
  • Delegating tasks to create win-win situations.
  • Completing the tasks and leaving office on time.
  1. Slow and Steady wins the Race

We all make resolutions and in no time forget them or stop following them after certain time, we should try and avoid this.

  • Start by taking small steps.
  • Do make small changes in the schedule to balance both your work and life.
  • Be steady and follow these changes to experience success.
  1. Meditation & Exercising

The power of meditation and exercising has a positive effect on our mind and body. Exercise is an effective stress buster as it pumps the good hormones in our body.
This stability help us to perform more and handle crisis in a better manner. Thus as we make time for all crucial things in life such as eating and sleeping, we need to make time in our calendars for Meditation & Exercising.

  1. Unplug

We need to unwind ourselves every once in a while so for doing that we must train ourselves by trying not to think about work when at home and not to think about other things when at office.

  • Take Vacations.
  • Pursue Hobbies.
  • Family time.
  • Hangout with friends.

Some Benefits of healthy work life balance.

  • It helps in improving and enhancing the productivity.
  • There can be a remarkable improvement in the profits.
  • There is positivity within you.
  • The stress that you are going under at present is reduced.

In this fast paced life it seems difficult to maintain a work life balance. But I am sure that if we try doing it we would be able to achieve it and the changes that we might have can be impeccable.