Can WhatsApp Be Used As a New Digital Marketing Tool

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Whatsapp has taken digital world by storm. People are spending more time on Whatsapp than they actually do on social media. It is a viral medium of sending a message across. As it supports exchange of multi-media, it is a very interactive way of communication. More recently, some enterprising folks are poring over the possibility of using it as a marketing tool. After you overcome the initial shock of considering this possibility, you realize that Whatsapp can indeed make for an effective marketing tool. Digital marketing firms as well as individuals can immensely benefit from Whatsapp marketing.
Using Whatsapp as a Digital Marketing Tool
Using Whatsapp as a Digital Marketing Tool   
During the 2014 Parliament elections in India, Whatsapp was aggressively used as a campaigning tool by some political parties. The impact was huge, as the parties could deliver their message to public overnight. The same marketing strategy is being used by digital marketing experts to cash in the popularity of Whatsapp and turn it into an effective marketing tool.
Whom to Connect?
Connecting with your existing customers is a great idea. Whatsapp interaction can help you build a rapport with your existing clientele. Since, they have already availed your service or used your product, they will be more open to accepting a new product/service from your brand. Sending promotional messages to random people may in fact lead to a very negative perception of your brand.
Should You Make Whatsapp Groups?
One great feature of Whatsapp is that it allows number of users to interact on a common platform through groups. However, when you consider using Whatsapp as a marketing tool, creating groups of your customers may not be a great idea. Although, the customers may have a common interest in your product or service, there is absolutely no need for them to interact with each other. Most customers are likely to delete and exit group if they find themselves amidst strangers who have no connection with them whatsoever! Thus, Whatsapp interaction for marketing purpose should always be on a one-to-one basis.
How to Promote?
Now comes the very critical question! How exactly should you market your product/service on Whatsapp? To begin with, you can change your profile picture to your product. Some folks set the company logo as their display picture. However, this idea is becoming clichéd now. When you set your profile picture to your new product, it arouses interest and garners the attention of the customer. Next, you can start sending pictures or videos of your product/service to your customers privately. However, make sure your picture or video is always accompanied by an appropriate text which describes the product or service in short.
How Often to Interact?
Again, this is a very critical question. You do not want to send your customers into hiding by bombarding them with incessant promotional messages. The next thing they will probably do is block you! Sending a message or two, once a week should be enough. However, you can increase the frequency if you share a good rapport with your customer.
Whatsapp is definitely a cost effective, speedy and reliable tool for marketing your product. However, you should know how to intelligently use its features to your benefit.
So what do you think, will Whatsapp be an excellent tool for digital marketing and will it change the face of digital marketing? Share your views with us.