Changes Your Website will Witness in the Next 5 Years

Changes your Website will Witness in the next 5 years by IKF

Change is the only constant. We have often heard this and it holds true for all businesses including your online store. If you are a vendor selling apparels or fancy home store items online, then your e-commerce site too will require revamping as per the emerging website trends and evolving technology.

As an established name in the website development services in India, we understand the importance of keeping up with the modern technology for gaining the competitive edge. Changing or upgrading your website is now not just limited to its homepage look and content, in fact it entails a broader aspect. This includes implementing new technology behind the scenes, exploring beyond dot-com domains and researching to optimize pages for greater audience’s attention. Just think about your website 5 or 10 years back and you will realize the difference from the version you have today.

With exponential growth of online content and shorter attention span, we expect stronger data influence in future that will affect your website look and operating systems. Not sure what trends could be shaping your online presence? Well, here are some examples:

More options for website names:

The website owners today have lot more options for their website names. Earlier it was a real task to find a unique domain name but now you have wide choices which are not limited to the .com. From .clothing to .coffee, you can explore names that are relevant to your business and let the world know what you do. As a digital marketing and website development company in Pune, we always look for opportunities that can enhance our client’s online presence. We believe smarter domain names can help you stand out from the crowd and connect with the consumers like never before.

Virtual stores in virtual reality:

Imagine instead of viewing a website catalogue, you are walking through a virtual store and witnessing things around a showroom. With virtual reality, this is how our shopping experience will change in future. Though implementing virtual reality on an ecommerce site might take time and extra investment, it could be the way of the future and also a new way for businesses to gather information on how their customers shop.

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Enhanced personalization:

Website is not just an online store for your consumers. When designed properly it acts as great marketing tool from where you can collect important info about your site visitors and their buying behavior. More data translates to increased personalization on websites, which could lead to a more immersive user experience. Amazon has been using anticipatory technology to predict consumer demands based on a variety of factors and accordingly offer more personalized shopping ads based on their past behaviors.

Augmented reality:

Working as website designing company in India, we have witnessed a sea change in website designing. With website becoming more mobile-compatible, a responsive design is no longer an option but a must-have feature. Marketing gurus are now vouching for the incorporation of augmented reality in websites. With AR your consumers will get to experience graphical enhancements to the physical environment they are present in. Some eyewear stores incorporate AR into their websites seamlessly. Lenscrafters is one such store that has specific websites that allow customers to virtually try on any eyewear product from the Lenscrafters’ stock.

If you are in the ecommerce space and curious to know how to leverage the latest technologies for offering best UX to your viewers, get connected with IKF. Call us today and we will be there to address your concern.