The Difference between Content Creation and Content Marketing

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The difference between Content and Content Marketing is quite apparent: Anything and everything can be termed as content – written, verbal, audio-visual or digitally empowered, whereas content marketing is all about attracting audiences to an experience or destination that we build or optimize to achieve our marketing objectives.

Content as a term is generic. An entire gamut of content types come under it. There is product content, sales content, customer service content, event content, employee-generated content, and a lot more.

On the other hand, when it comes to content marketing, our strategy is to attract an audience and make them visit a brand-owned destination.

Unfortunately, most brands create content to support their product or service and not for the customers’ need – they are created to sell and not to engage and entertain. That is why the world only gives a casual glance at the content as it doesn’t concern them directly. So if you are like most of the other companies, a large bulk of the content that your company creates goes completely unused.

Many people are confused about the difference between content and content marketing. Content encompasses anything in any medium. Content marketing though, only concerns itself with a strategic solution to a strategic problem.

The day marketers start creating content that is not about themselves but about the audience’s needs, they will succeed in engaging people to come to them to be entertained. Only then will content marketing realize its true potential to connect with the maximum people. As someone said,” developing a content brand takes an audience-first approach.”

Ideally companies should begin by attracting an audience before they start developing products and services.

‘What they want and not what you want’ is the core difference between content that engages and content that gets overlooked by the audience.

So ask yourself, how to build a ‘content brand’ – a destination where audiences will flock to for knowledge and entertainment.

Here are some thumb rules for content marketing:

  • Set your Content Marketing Mission Statement – that supports your brand mission and puts your customers at the center.
  • Select a URL as your content marketing destination.
  • Your on-domain site must have some elements of your corporate brand. When you go off domain though, you should support whatever topic you want to be seen as an authority in.
  • The components of an effective content marketing destination should have categories at the top to show the topics, it should have articles covered recently, should have heavy use of images, social sharing options, and lastly a call to action for your subscribers.
  • Build the site to focus on subscriptions as they are a good measure for reach, engagement and conversion.
  • A commitment to publish regularly, whether weekly or fortnightly on ‘most read’ topics will ensure a loyal following.
  • Keep track of the traffic like visitors and page views, engagement like social shares, comments, time on site, and conversions like subscribers, contact form submissions etc.
  • Support the visual content by covering and embedding other people’s content including slide shares.

Best Practice for creating a content marketing destination:

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